Huge MAFS spoiler as Collins slams producers and experts: 'Horrified'

EXCLUSIVE: The season 11 groom allegedly said he felt like he was 'railroaded, set up and backstabbed' on the show.

We’re only a few episodes into this year’s season of Married At First Sight and a huge spoiler has already emerged on social media.

In a since-deleted comment on an Instagram post announcing the new group of participants last month, former cast member Jesse Burford claimed he is close friends with 28-year-old executive assistant Collins Christian.

MAFS groom Jesse Burford / Collins Christian.
Former MAFS groom Jesse Burford has claimed his friend Collins Christian was 'horrified and saddened with his time on the show'. Photos: Channel Nine

According to Jesse, Collins said that he was “horrified and saddened with his time on the show” and he felt like he was “railroaded, set up and backstabbed by producers and the experts”.

The outspoken comment seemingly made it clear that Collins’ marriage to Natalie Parham does not last and he does not look back on his time on the show fondly.

Jesse went on to describe the groom as “one of the nicest, kindest, friendliest blokes I’ve met” and said he hopes he receives a positive portrayal.

“Fingers crossed his edit isn’t too rough. He doesn’t deserve that,” Jesse added.


While they had a strong start to their wedding in Wednesday night’s episode, Collins became overwhelmed by his new wife’s high energy.

Collins, who has never been in a relationship before, ended up requesting to sleep in separate beds on their wedding night. He told Natalie in the morning that he was wholeheartedly in the relationship, but asserted it would be a slow burn moving forward.

MAFS' Natalie Parham and Collins Christian.
Collins became overwhelmed by Natalie’s high energy during Wednesday night’s episode. Photo: Channel Nine

Channel Nine's 'emergency meeting'

The huge spoiler comes shortly after Yahoo Lifestyle revealed that Nine executives are “furious” that one couple threatened to “ruin the whole show” by hard launching their relationship on the Gold Coast in December.

According to our source at Nine, new plans were rolled out to “silence” the two cast members after their “bold move” ahead of the show’s premiere.

“They must know they are breaking their signed agreement with the Nine Network,” the source shared. “No one's more happy for contestants to actually find love but they are going to need to be more secretive for now and keep their time on the show hidden from the public.

“These 2024 contestants have all completed filming for the eleventh series and while some may have walked away with a loving relationship, others have been left to lick their wounds. Either way, they have signed contracts forbidding them from ruining storylines.”

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