How United Polaris Business Class has forever changed the way I'll travel

A long-haul flight has never been so enjoyable.

Last month, Yahoo Lifestyle was lucky enough to be flown as a guest of the City of Beverly Hills and United Airlines to try their Polaris Business Class from Sydney to Los Angeles to experience how the other half live, and let me tell you – it has ruined travel for me.

If you have been lucky enough to experience business class, you'll understand what I mean, as any other long-haul flight will feel like torture when not lying down flat, enjoying gourmet meals, or watching movies on a large flatscreen TV. I'm not even kidding when I say that time flew on this flight, I could have spent more time in the air, honestly!

United Airlines Poliaris Business Class
Yahoo Lifestyle tested out United Airlines Polaris Business Class, and it has ruined travel for us forever. Photo: Supplied

Just being in the priority line is enough to make me giddy – yes, I know we'll all get on the plane eventually, but being one of the first will always feel good.

Here's everything you need to know about flying United Airlines Polaris Business Class:

The United Polaris Business Class Lounge

The United Polaris Business Lounge is an excellent space to spend a few hours before your flight. Photo: Supplied
The United Polaris Business Lounge is an excellent space to spend a few hours before your flight. Photo: Supplied

In Sydney, there is no United Airlines lounge, however, you are able to choose from a couple of other lounges to spend time before you board. At LAX, however, you are treated to the very luxe United Airlines lounge, with marble walls, a huge bar, showers, sleep pods, workstations, plenty of couches, and even a restaurant.

While you have the option to indulge in buffet-style dining, my group took up the chance to eat at the restaurant, trying their cheeseburger and the risotto with chicken – you can even enjoy a cocktail or two.


Given the flight was a nighttime one, I chose to book a shower suite, so by the time I had finished dinner, I could have a shower, remove my makeup and be ready to get on the flight feeling good after a hot LA day.

The shower suites were seriously impressive. You are given toiletries and even a little loofah to use, as well as slippers if you don't want to wear your shoes on the flight! I highly recommend using the showers because when we landed in Sydney, I didn't have that usual gross feeling that often comes with a long-haul flight.

The flight

The seat is the best part about travelling business class, right? The new Polaris cabin looks futuristic and feels it too.

One of the things I hate the most about travelling economy is having to keep my things at my feet or above my seat in the overhead compartment. Travelling in the Polaris cabin meant I had so much storage for anything I might need during the flight, a lovely change. You have a small shelf and locker, where you will find headphones and a bottle of water and it is the perfect place to store smaller items.

Travellers are given pillows and blankets from Saks Fifth Avenue and toiletries from Sunday Riley, which are simply delightful. One of my favourite freebies, however, was the slippers (the same ones you can get at the lounge). It was such a game-changer not to have to put my sneakers on whenever I got up out of my seat.

The seat itself is very comfortable, but when you're ready to go to sleep, you can request bedding, which increases that comfort level and ensures an excellent sleep, especially with the Saks Fifth Avenue doona and pillow. Lying flat on a 14-hour flight is such a luxury, and it's so sad to know I won't be experiencing it again anytime soon! You can also ask the friendly flight attendants for pyjamas, but I must admit, I totally forgot!

Something I'd never seen before was the shoulder strap seatbelt, similar to one you'd wear in a car, which is to be worn for takeoff and landing, after which you can detach it so you only have the waist strap.

You have so much space available to you in the United Polaris Business Class seat. Photo: Supplied
You have so much space available to you in the United Polaris Business Class seat. Photo: Supplied

Passengers are also able to use limited free in-flight Wi-Fi, which allows you to use WhatsApp, iMessage and Facebook Messenger. However, it didn't work too well for me. You can also purchase Wi-Fi if you're desperate, but there's so much else to do you shouldn't need it.

The entertainment system features a huge high-definition screen and a wide range of films, TV shows, music, podcasts, and even meditations and sounds to help you fall asleep. I loved having the chance to watch all the films I hadn't had the chance to watch yet, like the Oscar-winning Everything Everywhere All At Once.

The food onboard was also delicious. I loved the chicken curry that was available on our Los Angeles to Sydney flight and the egg-white bites for breakfast, however, when it comes to snacks and desserts, United really shines. Partway through the flight, I was encouraged to try the Vegemite and cheese toasted sandwich, which also comes with tomato soup, and while it sounds so simple, it was the perfect snack. After dinner, we were also offered one of the coolest desserts I've ever seen on a flight – an ice cream sundae with plenty of topping options.

When it comes to customer service, I had no complaints, nothing was ever too much for the wonderful hostesses, and it's just another reason I'll be sad to fly economy again.

The app

The United Airlines app is one of the best in the biz, with the best feature being baggage tracking, so you know exactly where your bag is at all times. One member of our group thought her baggage had gone missing once we landed in LAX, but a quick check of the app and we were able to see it was indeed at the airport and came out moments later.

The app also makes check-in easy, and if your flight should be cancelled or delayed by more than 60 minutes, options will begin popping up in the app, including to see if you may have already been rebooked on another flight.

It's extremely user-friendly and a must to download before your flight.

Flight essentials

If you want to live it up like a celebrity, here are a few essentials for your trip:

Maison De Sabré's Zipped Soft Tote - currently $319

Maison De Sabré's Zipped Soft Tote. Photo: Maison De Sabré's
Maison De Sabré's Zipped Soft Tote. Photo: Maison De Sabré's

A travel tote is the ultimate accessory for any getaway, and you need one that will fit all of your travel essentials, so the Zipped Soft Tote is my recommendation for a roomy and chip option. I went with the brown leather, as I felt it really went with my travel outfit, I know, I was one of those people, but it was Business class!

There are plenty of sections for your phone, wallet and passport, as well as an internal zip pocket to keep small loose items safe!

Apple Airpods Max - $899

Apple Airpods Max. Photo: Apple
Apple Airpods Max. Photo: Apple

Not only do the Apple Airpods Max look great, but they also have excellent sound quality and work seamlessly across your Apple products. These are a celeb fave and will help you fit in when you land at LAX.

Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask - from $42

Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask. Photo: Mecca
Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask. Photo: Mecca

I love this mask to use on the flight and also after landing to ensure my skin isn't super dry after the flight, also great for winter if you need extra moisture!

United Airlines flies to LA daily from Sydney and Melbourne and three times a week from Brisbane, making it easy to get to Beverly Hills in around 14 hours.

Otherwise, you'll have everything you need (and more) on board!

Yahoo Lifestyle was a guest of United Airlines and Beverly Hills Conference & Visitors Bureau. Read more about how to experience the best of Beverly Hills here.

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