The Hottest Spots to Eat, Shop and More in Milan This Summer

Milan is bustling with new stores, restaurants and exhibitions for both tourists and locals to indulge in. Here, a selection of what’s new in the city.

Where to Shop


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Burberry has unveiled its new boutique at the corner of Via Sant’Andrea and Via Bagutta, carrying the spring 2024 collection as well as the recently launched Burberry Classics, all designed by creative director Daniel Lee. Womenswear, menswear, shoes and an array of the brand’s core trenchcoats, including the Castleford and heritage-inspired styles, are available.

Fixtures include sculptural handmade furnishings inspired by 1960s British abstract art, while the store’s concrete floor features a handcrafted Italian marble mosaic in the form of Burberry’s Equestrian Knight design.

Burberry new store in Milan
Burberry’s new Milan store.

Via Sant’Andrea, Via Bagutta – 20121
Tel. 02-36-01-0210


The multibrand lifestyle concept Goooders, which was conceived and founded in 2019 by Eva Gèraldine Fontanelli, fashion editor and international consultant, has a new home in the district of Porta Nuova.

Born from the idea of ​​supporting different projects created by cooperatives, small local artisans and workers from around the world, the motto of Goooders is “if you do goood, you look goood.”

The location will be the venue for talks, seminars and initiatives related to the theme of ecology, sustainability and social ethics since Goooders also offers consultancy for lifestyle and hospitality brands that want to undertake an ethical and sustainable path.

The brands in the store were selected on the basis of an eco- and human-sustainable spirit: sweatshirts, T-shirts, dresses, caftans, pajama sets, accessories, caps and handmade bags are all made from natural materials such as the finest cotton and linen. Furniture designed by Cappellini gives a touch of design to the space, thanks also to the support of Design Differente, a spin-off of the Iuav University of Venice.

Goooders also has a corner store at Six Senses in Rome and a boutique in Venice inside the JW Marriott hotel until November.

gOOOders store in Porta Nuova
Goooders store in Porta Nuova.

Viale della Liberazione, 15 – 20124

Where to Eat

View Live Restaurant

There is a new destination for lovers of Asian cuisine: View Live restaurant opened its doors in Corso Lodi, led by chef Roberto Obake together with general manager Simone Conca.

The chef’s table in front of the open-style kitchen can seat 12 guests while a private space is also available. Among the starters, the menu offers Patanegra with fresh wasabi stem in sesame seed sauce and crispy fennel or a “Temaki view,” a Nori seaweed cone, sushi rice, and choice of fish (salmon, tuna, and crab gratin). The raw plates include tartares, carpacci, different types of gyoza, uramaki and gunkans, boat-shaped cubes of sushi rice wrapped in a tall strip of seaweed to create a bowl that can be filled with a topping.

The cocktail bar has a wide selection of wines, beers, sake, Japanese whiskies and cocktails.

View Live Restaurant in Milan
View Live Restaurant

View Live Restaurant
Via San Gerolamo Emiliani, 2 – 20135

Tel. 02-45-47-1143

What to See

“Martin Parr. Short and Sweet”

Until the end of the month, Mudec is hosting an exhibition of British documentary photographer Martin Parr. On display are more than 60 photographs that portray contemporary society, approaching some of its most controversial issues, all selected by the artist together with Magnum Photos. Also on display is the body of images from Parr’s “Common Sense” series documenting the relationship between consumerism and the everyday, and an unpublished interview with historian and photography critic Roberta Valtorta. The “Common Sense” series is presented as brightly colored images, printed on A3 paper using a color Xerox printer and readapted to the space in an original, site-specific order.

The exhibition develops along the artistic phases of Parr’s career, such as the black-and-white series taken in his 20s, the “Bad Weather” photos that documents the typically British weather conditions and the “Small World” series portraying the world’s most frequented travel destinations, showing the difference between reality and the idealized concept of these locations by tourists.

A catalog called “Martin Parr. Short and Sweet” accompanies the exhibition.

ITALY. Pisa. The Leaning Tower of Pisa. 1990.
“ITALY. Pisa. The Leaning Tower of Pisa,” 1990.

Mudec – Museo delle Culture
Via Tortona, 56 – 20144

“Picasso. Metamorphosis of the figure”

Picasso and his art are being celebrated at Mudec, with an exhibition running until June 30 that comprises more than 40 artworks, and 26 sketches from the Book n.7 loaned by the Pablo Ruiz Picasso Foundation.

Many experts call “metamorphoses” Picasso’s creations from 1925 up to the end of his life. The exhibition was curated by Malén Gual, honorary curator of the Picasso Museum in Barcelona, and Ricardo Ostalé. The chronological exhibition is divided into five sections with a focus on Picasso’s love of primitive artistic sources and art.

The first section is called “A look towards other cultures,” where visitors can see the influence of ancient Egyptian art and Iberian sculptures, then the “Les Demoiselle D’Avignon” section leads the visitor on the artist’s journey to create one of his most famous works through his sketches. Following are the Cubism phase, World War II and the metamorphosis of the figure.

Pablo Picasso Face in profile Visage de profil sur fond dégradé 1929, Oil on canvas Private collection
Pablo Picasso, “Profile; Visage de profil sur fond dégradé,” 1929, Oil on canvas; private collection

Mudec – Museo delle Culture
Via Tortona, 56 – 20144

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