Home and Away star unrecognisable in new snap: 'Could return'

Viewers were shocked by the fan-favourite's appearance.

Home and Away fans still miss the fan-favourite Braxton brothers who were series regulars from 2011-2015. While Dan Ewing (Heath Braxton) and Steve Peacocke (Darryl ‘Brax’ Braxton) have made guest appearances since departing, viewers have been desperate for Lincoln Younes (Casey Braxton) to return.

Fans went wild over some recent snaps of Lincoln shared on the Home and Away Spoilers and Gossip Facebook group, saying that the star looks ‘unrecognisable’ and suggesting he could come back as a brand new character.

L: Lincoln Younes as Casey Braxton on Home and Away. R: Casey Braxton is held by Brax as he dies.
Lincoln Younes played Casey Braxton on Home and Away for three years. Photo: Seven

While his character exited the soap after being shot, it isn’t out of the ordinary for soap operas to bring characters back, using common tropes such as faking their death or returning as a twin.

The former River Boy popped into a local Aussie cafe, with one worker sharing how kind the celebrity was.


“OMG!! Look who came into my work today. Lincoln Younes (Casey Braxton). He was so nice to talk to,” she wrote on Facebook. “We were talking about when he was on Home and Away… made my day!”

The 32-year-old has traded his short, clean-cut look for a messy long hairstyle and facial hair. He looks much older now and has been busy working on the US series Grand Hotel and Aussie drama Doctor Doctor.

Lincoln Younes from Home and Away in a black t shirt and shorts with a fan against a red wall
Fans have labelled the star as 'unrecognisable'. Photo: Facebook/Home and Away Spoilers & Gossip

Fans were delighted to see how different Lincoln looks today, with some hoping to see him come back to Summer Bay.

“No way, he looks different,” one shocked fan commented.

“Apparently it’s him but I definitely wouldn’t have recognised him either if he walked past,” admitted another.

“He could return to Home and Away as a totally different character now,” suggested a third.

“He’s so grown up. He was just a kid last time I saw him,” another added.

L: Casey Braxton in a wheelchair. R: Casey Braxton chopping wood in the forest
The Braxton brothers quickly became fan favourites. Photo: Seven


However, other viewers disagreed and said they knew who he was straight away.

“I can see that it’s definitely him. It’s the hair that makes him look different,” a group member wrote.

“A lot older but very nice looking,” a second added.

“Damn! Still hot,” another pointed out.

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