Home and Away star 'nervous' about reaction to 'confronting' scenes

Home and Away's Emily Symons has shared she's "nervous" about the reaction to "confronting" scenes she's shooting where her character Marilyn Chambers suddenly changes into a new person after suffering from organophosphate poisoning during a black-tie event.

Speaking with TV Week, the 52-year-old actress said she was "shocked" when she was told what was coming up for Marilyn, however, after doing her own research she found out the type of poisoning is a "very real thing".

Home and Away's Georgie Parker, Emily Symons and Ada Nicodemou
Home and Away's Emily Symons has shared that she's 'nervous' about the fan reaction to her new 'confronting' scenes on the soap. Photo: Instagram/Emily Symons

She explained that after organophosphate poisoning, there are changes to the brain and to a person's behaviour, but otherwise, everything else is normal.

Emily added that being the nasty version of her character "had to be dragged out of me".


"This is the most challenging thing I've ever done as Marilyn," she said. "It's a completely different Marilyn, which has been really hard to play, because she's second nature to me now."

During scenes with Lynne McGranger where Emily had to yell at her, she compared it to "having a fight with your best friend" and would apologise after every take.

Georgie Parker and Emily Symons on home and away
Emily revealed her latest storyline has been a huge challenge. Photo: Seven

"It was confronting," she said. "But it was a good acting course. I was playing the opposite of Marilyn. All her character traits evaporated – suddenly, she's argumentative, hostile and furious with John [Shane Withington]. The crew really enjoyed a bit of a change."

When asked how she felt about the viewers' reaction to the new Marilyn, Emily said, "I'm a bit nervous," but added that she hoped they would understand.

Home and Away fans left shocked over potential 'spoiler'

It comes after Home and Away fans were left shocked over a 'spoiler' on Wikipedia that appeared to show fan favourite Ada Nicodemou, AKA Leah Patterson, may exit the show in 2021.

Home and Away's Emily Symons and Ada Nicodemou
It comes after a fan theory suggested Ada Nicodemou is leaving the show. Photo: Instagram/Emily Symons

A fan shared the theory to a Facebook group, writing, "I think Leah will leave the show or something happens to her because it says on here this year she’s finished on Home and Away," alongside a screenshot of the Wikipedia page.

The website lists each of the characters currently present on the show, as well as their actor and duration, with Ada’s reading ‘2000-2021’.

A number of fans took to the comments to share their thoughts on the post, with the majority hoping that it isn’t true.

Home and away Wikipedia page
The Wikipedia page has since been updated to show Ada's character Leah is ongoing. Photo: Facebook

"I hope not but anything can happen," one person wrote. "Look what happened to Tori Morgan."

"The Bay will miss her so much," someone else shared, while another added, "Justin has had so much bad luck, he needs to be happy."

Other users debunked the rumour by pointing out that Ada only recently renewed her contract with the show.

The actress confirmed the news to New Idea back in June, saying she’s not going anywhere any time soon. The Wikipedia page has since been edited to say Ada's character is ongoing.

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