Home and Away fans divided over new character: 'Trouble'

What's Iluka hiding from Mali?

Dion Williams
Illuka is played by Dion Williams. Photo: Seven

Home and Away fans aren't in full agreement about the introduction of new character, Iluka, played by Dion Williams, with many sensing the alleged bad boy is here to bring trouble to Summer Bay and his brother Mali (Kyle Schilling).

Mali was surprised to see his older brother during the latest episode, with Iluka having invited himself into Mali's home by breaking in, settling on the couch, and helping himself to a beer and some snacks. Iluka's backstory involves him having had issues in the past with drinking and fighting, and while he's put in work to course correct his life, he is still the unfair target of the local police.

Now, as we know, Mali dates Rose (Kirsty Marillier), who is a police officer and meeting Iluka for the first time... and they're both wondering why the big bro has decided to show up and if he's done something wrong or needs help of any kind. (We all know the drill, no one usually pops up in Summer Bay without a secret they're hiding.)

Mali's brother announced his entrance by breaking in. Photo: Seven
Mali's brother announced his entrance by breaking in. Photo: Seven


The spoilers for tonight's episode also allude to Iluka taking a "shine to a Summer Bay" local and many worried fans think Rose may have caught his eye, which is... well, awkward for the brothers.

Taking to social media, Home and Away fans have started speculating that Iluka may be up to no good.

"Don’t like this character already, sent him back to Mantrabay," one fan said, while another was more positive about the hint of drama in the air. "Oooh I smell trouble, love it," they commented.


Other fans started worrying Illuka has his eyes on Rose. ""He’s going to be trouble. The way he looked at Rose says it all," one fan said. "He's making eyes towards Rose, trouble is coming," someone else agreed.

"Something’s off about him and Mali will be to blind to see it I think," another fan speculated.

I guess we'll have to stay tuned to see what happens next!

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