Home and Away's 'action-packed' return: Who gets shot?

Home and Away left fans wanting more after an epic cliffhanger on Thursday, and Jacqui Purvis, who plays Felicity Newman, says that the ‘action-packed’ return is one to look forward to.

After Rose Delaney (Kirsty Marillier) and Tane Parata (Ethan Browne) teamed up to take down bikie Tex Wheeler (Lucas Linehan), the return promo has confirmed an epic police raid is about to take place.

L: Home and Away character Felicity yells in anger. R: Tane and two bikies look towards the door.
On Home and Away's return, Felicity may lose somebody she loves. Photo: Seven

Who has been shot?

It looks like the raid doesn’t go as smoothly as they hoped, with Rose saying, “This wasn’t part of the plan”, before we hear a gunshot and the words, “a friend will fall” appear on-screen.

The victim could be one of the Parata brothers, Cash Newman (Nicholas Cartwright), or Dean Thompson (Patrick O’Connor).

Every option has a connection to Felicity, and Jacqui tells Yahoo Lifestyle that she had to prepare for some extremely emotional scenes.

“As an actor, I connect to music a lot. So I’m always sitting with my headphones, or I’m just listening to music. That always gets me in the zone and really helps me to get wherever I need to go,” she says.


The star admits that the writing is so good on the show, that she can easily put herself into the zone.

“I’ll just be saying it, putting myself in that position and imagining that I’m losing someone, and you go there,” she continues.

Rose is listening through headphones as Cash stares at her stunned
Rose is thrown when the police raid doesn't go to plan. Photo: Seven

Felicity is furious that she couldn't protect her loved ones, and takes her anger out on Rose for the botched police raid.

In what will be an upsetting season return, the Salt owner will stay by the victim's side at the hospital, promising that ‘she’s not going anywhere’.

‘So different’

Home and Away is constantly changing, with the soap making sure it keeps achieving top ratings. The school is long gone, and with the introduction of the band Lyrik and Tex, Jacqui admits that this is new territory for the show.

“I think the characters for sure have made it so different, like Tex, Lucas is just amazing. And he is such an interesting character to follow,” she says.

“He makes it super cool. It’s really different, it’s fun. It’s interesting, it’s action-packed — so awesome!” she exclaims.

L: Tane Parata close up shot. R: Nikau Parata close up shot.
The Parata brothers are in danger. Photo: Seven

When asked who her favourite scene partner is, Jacqui doesn’t miss a beat.

“I mean, [it] has to be Ethan! We just work so well together, and I have been [with him] from the start. I can’t believe that we’re not sick of each other yet, but we’re not and we still work so so well.

“There’s just straightaway fun and chemistry, and it’s comfortable. We just enjoy it so much…it really is so much fun to act with him,” she gushes.

Home and Away returns Monday, August 8, on Seven.

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