The hilarious moment Emily Browning realised she'd 'made it'

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Actress Emily Browning didn’t think her first billboard would look like it did. Photo: Getty Images

Aussie actress Emily Browning has revealed the moment she knew she had ‘made it’, and it’s a lot less glam than you might have guessed.

The 30-year-old is a homegrown talent, hailing from Melbourne but living in LA where she’s making waves playing Laura in blockbuster Amazon Prime series, American Gods.

The Aussie actress first made a splash as a teenager, playing Violet Baudelaire in the cult hit A Series of Unfortunate Events at just 16 years old.

Since hitting the big time at a young age she’s oscillated between big blockbusters and smaller indie flicks, passing in and out of the bright lights of fame.

Now the Emmy-nominated series has catapulted the veteran actress back into the international spotlight, and she’s shared the slightly confronting moment she realised she’d made it.

Emily shared that her first billboard was ‘gross’. Photo: Build Series Sydney

Spoiler: it wasn’t pretty.

“One moment that actually felt like that ‘Oh this is a big thing’ was when I was driving down on Venice Boulevard and there was just a Laura billboard,” the star said while appearing on Build Series Sydney. 

“It was just my face –like huge,” she said, adding, “She’s not the most attractive character I’ve ever played”.

“The billboard is my face with milky cataract contact lenses and grey skin just looking really gross.”

It’s certainly not the glamorous billboard moment many imagine, but the Aussie star took it in her stride, laughing off the incident.

“I’m like, ‘Wow my first billboard, and I look like trash’,” she laughed.

She laughed off the moment. Photo: Build Series Sydney

The star admitted that this isn’t unusual, saying the reality of life as an actress is far more mundane than many realise.

“It’s crazy how not glamorous it is,” she said, adding the long hours for all involved made work on a set gruelling.

“It feels like factory work sometimes,” she said.

The American Gods actress says acting isn’t all red carpets and glamour. Photo: Getty Images

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