Hidden detail in Margot Robbie's red carpet look divides: 'Obsessed'

Some fans loved the 'cute' detail in the Aussie star's dress.

Margot Robbie stunned on Monday night with her appearance in Sydney for her film Babylon, choosing to wear what some fans have dubbed her best red carpet look. Opting to wear a baby blue Versace design, the scalloped neckline and form-fitting bodice showcased her figure.

The silky fabric cinched in with a ruched look near her hip, and boasted a dramatic thigh-high slit with a scalloped red lace detail. She wore a matching pair of metallic shoes but kept her look simple, choosing to forgo any accessories.

Two photos of Margot Robbie on the red carpet in Sydney at the Babylon premiere
Margot Robbie added a polarising red lace detail on her Versace blue gown. Getty

The Aussie star left her hair loose around her face and kept her makeup simple with a nude lip and subtle pink eyeshadow.

Her dress was inspired by a similar Versace design worn by model Carla Bruni in 1995. The supermodel famously wore it to an afterparty thrown by the fashion designer as well as on the runway.

However, the original dress didn’t have the bold red lace detail that Margot proudly showed off.


The two-time Oscar-nominated actress divided fans with her choice to add the bold red lace detail, with many saying they wished she had stuck to Versace’s original design.

L: Carla Bruni in Versace. R: Margot Robbie at the Babylon premiere
The star's dress was inspired by one of Versace's designs from the 90s. Photo: Getty

“She looks stunning regardless and the lace does look good BUT it was not needed. She could have SLAYED the original,” one fan lamented.

“I get the concept but could’ve chosen a better colour, attach the lace to where it looks like it’s flowing out instead of a hot glue gun project, let it flow from the bottom tail end starting about ankle length. A blue, white, grey with pearls on the stem I think would be cute,” another added.

“Take off that cheap, craft store lace thing, add some nice jewellery, put on pumps instead, style that hair and bam you've got an instant SLAY. It’s literally so easy,” a third suggested.

“Margot knows if she’s too beautiful she’ll gain too much power so she’s willingly stunting herself as to not become too powerful for humankind,” another quipped.

While many were against the lace detail, there were plenty of fans who said it actually enhanced her red carpet look.

“I literally don't see anything wrong with it and am obsessed with this look! Gorgeous lace,” a fan gushed.

“This is one of my dream dresses and the red lace is so cute and it makes it stand out, what’s wrong,” another said.


“Light blue and red was a big Versace look in 1996, the combination is in keeping with the aesthetic of the time. Versace loved (and loves) pairing red with a variety of light blue shades because the red give the light blue life and heightens in so it’s not flat (Van Gogh did this too),” a third explained.

“I actually love the red lace, creates a nice contrast,” another remarked.

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