Hi-5's Nathan Foley reveals huge secret about group

This little bit of information explains so much.

Former Hi-5 original member Nathan Foley sat down with identical triplets Amy, Sophie and Kate Taeuber on their podcast Outspoken to discuss life after the show.

But it was the things he revealed from his time in the group and on the TV show that has raised eyebrows. "They had Charli for the under 5 kids, they had Kathleen for the older guys, they had me for the mums apparently, which I was told, they had Tim for the teenage girls and they had Kelley for the teenage boys apparently," Nathan revealed.

"The producers kind of had that kind of thing where they were aiming for kids — obviously educationally it was for kids and musically it was for everybody — but they also were smart and thinking OK we need to have mass appeal with the show," he added by way of an explanation.

Nathan Foley in his band today and as he was back in his Hi-5 days.
Nathan Foley fronting his band today and as he was back in his Hi-5 days. Photo: Getty Images & Instagram/@nathanfoleyofficial (Getty Images & Instagram/@nathanfoleyofficial)

And fans of the Hi-5 show agreed with what the producers had done. "As a mum of young kids who loved this show, can def say Nathan was for the mums," one person shared. "Oh so that's why my fave was Charlie and my older sister liked Kathleen," another added.

"I used to love Charli but then I got older and started preferring Kathleen! Those producers are too good," a third commented.

More secrets spilled

But that wasn't all Nathan revealed. "If you look back on Hi-5 and see some of the script, a lot of the time there's some dialogue in there where we're going, 'Hang on a second, this is not aimed at a kid.'"

Nathan went on to give the example that something like 'doggy style' would come up in a script and he thought at the time: "So the kids would have no idea and they're just thinking of their pet in the backyard right now but I know what you're doing, I know."


He also said that people had the wrong idea about what it was like being in the band and on the show. "People had a perception of us, they thought we were rich but we weren't, we were not rich, we were on a wage and as soon as the show finished, that's our wage ended," he disclosed.

And while it was a lot of fun dressing up and performing for a living, Nathan also revealed that it wasn't easy. "It was gruelling, like I nearly ended up in hospital a couple of times from physical exhaustion," he revealed.

Nathan was full of revelations on the show but in case you don't want your Hi-5 watching days ruined with this final reveal, walk away now...




We did warn you...

Tim was Jup Jup!

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