He’s A WHAT? Stephen Miller Schooled For Truly Weird New Claim About Donald Trump

Stephen Miller, a longtime henchman to Donald Trump, made a bold declaration about the former president’s role as a fashion “icon” during a Fox News interview on Tuesday night.

“The most stylish president and first lady in our lifetimes are Donald Trump and Melania Trump,” said Miller, a senior White House policy adviser under Trump who was the chief architect of some of the administration’s most extreme anti-immigration measures.

Miller was apparently outraged over a New York Times report on President Joe Biden’s “dapper” wardrobe.

“Donald Trump’s a style icon!” Miller said, his voice almost at a shout. “He changed American fashion in ‘The Apprentice.’ People spent the 10 next years trying to dress like Donald Trump.”

Though Melania Trump was once a model, the former president isn’t known for his sartorial sense. He’s prone to wearing oversized suits and bib-like ties. Ezra Lizio-Katzen, who owns a menswear boutique in Washington, D.C., told The Washington Post in 2019 that Trump wears his suits about two sizes too big.

Despite Miller’s claim, none of those style choices has become trendy. In fact, just about the only part of Trump’s fashion that’s caught on is the red trucker hat that is now ubiquitous among his followers

Trump’s critics took to X with some fashion tips for Miller: