These Wild Fan Theories Point to Another Beyoncé and Lady Gaga Collaboration on 'Cowboy Carter'

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Is Another Beyoncé and Lady Gaga Collab Coming?Getty Images

Thanks to Verizon's Bey-themed Super Bowl commercial, we now know that Beyoncé is dropping Act II: Cowboy Carter—especially since the 32-time Grammy winner dropped two (!) brand-new country (!!) songs during the game (!!!). After the ad aired, Bey also released a teaser trailer for her upcoming album, which is set to hit streaming services on March 29.

In the clip, a vintage yellow taxi drives through the desert, which is most likely located in Texas, Bey's home state. Longtime fans (including myself) were quick to notice that the set was reminiscent of the video for her Lady Gaga collaboration, "Telephone"—which infamously included a "To Be Continued" message 14 years ago. Naturally, they voiced their theories in a completely chill way on social media:

Gaga, who was also in attendance at the Super Bowl at Las Vegas' Allegiant Stadium, posted a pic from the stands throwing up a peace sign. "Let's fucking go," the "Rain On Me" singer wrote in her caption.

This led fans to theorize that her peace sign could potentially signify her involvement in Renaissance: Act II or the long-awaited sequel to their 2010 collaboration.

"Two like Act II like Telephone Part 2🤔," one fan wrote, while MTV UK's Insta account chimed in, "act ii?????"

Then, on March 25, Gaga posted a photo of a guitar on her Instagram Stories that *very obviously* shows a magazine cover featuring an image from the "Telephone" music video. That same day, one of Beyoncé's stylists, Vance Gamble, posted a still of Gaga in her infamous cigarette sunglasses on his Instagram Stories.

Another theory that rose around the same time involves a bottle of Japanese Sake bottle. According to the TikTok below, Bey featured a pic of sake in one of her recent Instagram posts and the brand's name translates to "Cabin in the Snow"—which can potentially have ties to Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill trilogy, aka one of the main influences for Bey and Gaga's "Telephone" music video.

If these theories are true, this would mark the third official collab between the pop culture powerhouses. Beyoncé recruited Gaga for a remix of her 2009 track, "Video Phone" before they teamed up again for "Telephone" (I'm sensing a pattern here... 📞).

The "Telephone" music video, which was directed by Jonas Åckerlund, was influenced by the Wild West genre and included references to Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill films (ahem, the Pussy Wagon will always be famous). The song peaked at No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 2010, and since then, Little Monsters and the BeyHive have been itching for a sequel to the iconic music video.

@ Bey and Gaga, I know you're hearing this call. 👀

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