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Here's what Yahoo's shopping editors snagged during Memorial Day sales (most deals are still live!)

You still have time to save on Apple watches, warm-weather fashion finds, air purifiers and more.

model wearing a Gap denim jacket, pink Apple watch, teal Revlon volumizing brush, air purifier, all on a colorful background
Memorial Day might be over, but the deals are still going strong! (Gap/Best Buy/Amazon/Walmart)

Did you enjoy your long weekend? We hope it was filled with grilled goodies, friends, family and a healthy dose of retail therapy. At least, that's what we shopping editors were up to. Oh, you were too busy soaking up sun to take advantage of Memorial Day deals? Well, the good news is, you still have time. Most of the finds our team snagged are still on sale, from a chic J.Crew shirtdress marked down by over 60% to a bestselling HEPA air purifier for just $40. As they say, better late than never, so keep scrolling to browse our picks. Happy shopping!

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"I mostly bought this dress because the sale price was just too good to resist. I got it for more than 60% off! Can't-miss price aside, I really liked that this dress was made from hot and humid summer-friendly linen, but it's not super revealing. I especially like that it has sleeves and the body of the dress is forgiving without being super puffy or oversized. I bought the dress on Friday, wore it to a barbecue on Saturday and got tons of compliments." Jeanine Edwards, Commerce Director

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$61 at J.Crew

"Now that the weather is starting to get warmer, I need to bring water with me when I take my dog for walks. I snagged this leak-proof dog water bottle while it was on sale because I liked how big the drinking cup is and the fact that it has a section at the bottom to hold treats. Plus, the green color matches his leash, and the silicone strap makes it easy to carry around." — Rebecca Carhart, Style Writer

$16 at Amazon

"With all of the baking I do — especially during the summer, when it seems like there's a cookout every week — I'm always on the hunt for good food storage containers. This one stood out to me because of its roomy design (it has a 14-cup capacity), and since it's rectangular versus round, it'll fit nicely in my cabinets when not in use. Apparently, it's stain- and odor-resistant ... time will tell!" — Britt Ross, Deals Writer

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$10 at Target

"I've had my beloved J.Crew jean jacket for a decade, and while it has the perfect worn-in look, I've been in the market for something that looks less lived-in. This light-wash beauty was exactly what I was looking for — it hits right at the hip, has the slightest amount of stretch and was just $40 (and yep, it's still on sale)." — Amanda Garrity, Commerce Editor

$39 at Gap

"I've had my eye on this No. 1 bestselling, do-it-all styler/dryer/volumizer/de-frizzer for months, and I finally scooped it up this weekend. I haven't tried it yet, but really, can 379,000-plus five-star ratings be wrong?" — Jennifer Romolini, Senior Beauty Editor

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$42 at Amazon
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$60 at Ulta Beauty

"My tween will be traveling out of state, and we needed a way to stay connected. (A phone was a big nope for me.) After much research, we decided on the Apple Watch SE with cellular, which will allow us to text and call. It can detect crashes and falls, direct her if she gets lost and dial 911. Plus, I can choose her contacts and enable/disable features via the Family Sharing app on my phone. A brilliant device! Now to get one for Dad." — Libby Sentz, Contributing Writer

$199 at Best Buy

"Our family is taking an Alaskan cruise this summer, and everyone says a raincoat is a must. Of course, my tweens have long outgrown their old ones, but considering they're still growing at a gobsmacking pace, I didn't want to spend a lot. After a lot of clicking around, I decided on these jackets from 33,000ft — they're also windproof and packable (big score), and they have cords that cinch the waist. That's a win-win — it'll keep the kiddos dry and it let me buy bigger sizes in the hopes that we can get at least a couple years of use out of 'em." — Saundra Latham, Commerce Editor

$29 at Amazon

"I live in an apartment and random smells sometimes waft in from other people's units — cigarette smoke, food, etc. (I know, gross!) I've wanted to grab an air purifier for a while to help with the air quality, and snagged this one while it was on sale. It's small enough that I can easily move it around my apartment, and there's a timer so I can set it to go on and off. Another plus: The option to add essential oils for a bit of aromatherapy." — Rory Halperin, Senior Commerce Editor, Branded Content & Special Projects

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$38 at Walmart

"I try to stay away from screens in the evenings, so reading in bed with a book is a great way to pass the time. The problem is that I often wake my wife with the light, so this little book light is a lifesaver. It gives me more than enough light to read by, but I can direct it straight onto the page and not into her eyes. This helps me work through my massive backlog of books without disturbing my sleep the way a phone screen would." — Patrick Hearn, Deals Writer

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$14 at Amazon

"This year, I'm telling the bugs to bug off! I'm wary of spraying chemicals, so I'm trying these decoy options. They're like paper lanterns that look like wasp nests and promise to scare away territorial critters; apparently, when wasps and yellow jackets spot enemy domain (or things that look like enemy terrain), they keep on moving. I put them together in seconds, literally. My neighbor has these and says they work, so wish me luck!" — Nicole Sforza, Executive Editor

$17 at Amazon

"I tried a sauna a few months ago that smelled just like eucalyptus and I've been obsessed with replicating that same scent in my shower. This is pretty close (and certainly costs less than a trip to the spa). A few spritzes and my entire bathroom smells absolutely incredible. The fragrance is certainly powerful, but not overwhelming, plus I love that this bottle lasts longer than the packs of shower steamers I used to buy (and it’s cheaper too)." — Izabella Zaydenberg, Deputy Editor

$15 at Amazon

"I was looking for curtains in weirdly specific sizes and was delighted by the variety at Wayfair. These are technically cafe curtains, but they're just the right size for some of the smaller windows in my house. And I think the fact that they're a linen blend will give them texture — which means, hopefully, they'll look more expensive than they were!" — Jessica Dodell-Feder, Senior Home Editor

$23 at Wayfair

"Every summer, I treat myself to a new pair of sandals, and Madewell's collection enticed me to purchase a neutral-meets-bold variety: Kimmy, Danika and Gwenn will be in good company!" — Kristin Granero, Senior Commerce Writer

$128 at Madewell

"I bought this area rug from West Elm to incorporate some color into my deck for summer, adding a few vibrant indoor/outdoor pillows for extra coziness. I also grabbed these Paradiso candle holders because, to me, they strike the perfect balance between fun and fancy." — Kristin Granero, Senior Commerce Writer

$399 at West Elm