The "Deadpool & Wolverine" Trailer Is Finally Here, And There's A Big Reason Fans Are Pumped That Hugh Jackman Is Sleeveless

The Deadpool & Wolverine trailer finally dropped! On Monday, Marvel released the first official trailer for their latest film, which sees two legendary superheroes joining the MCU together: Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) and Wolverine (Hugh Jackman).

Characters Wolverine and Deadpool standing side by side in superhero costumes on a street
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The trailer follows the official teaser released in February. Notably, the teaser highlighted Wade Wilson, aka Deadpool, and hid Logan's, aka Wolverine's, face.

Deadpool in costume leaning against a cracked wall with arms crossed
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While the trailer offers the first official look at the two characters together in the new film, it should be noted that Ryan's actual debut as Deadpool wasn't the eponymous 2016 film but an appearance in the 2009 film X-Men Origins: Wolverine. The character was rebooted for the Deadpool film series, which is on its third film.

Closeup of Ryan Reynolds
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As for Hugh, this is his first time playing Wolverine since the 2017 film Logan. He's played the character across many movies since debuting as him over 20 years ago in the first X-Men film.

Hugh Jackman smiling at the camera, wearing a black turtleneck
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Deadpool & Wolverine will follow Wade as he recruits a downtrodden Wolverine to help him save his nearest and dearest.

Deadpool and Wolverine stand ready for action, Deadpool holding a small animal
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Notably, Wolverine appears in a sleeveless yellow and blue suit, which is reportedly accurate to the character's comic book origins. It's also a big deal because Hugh hasn't donned a comic-accurate suit before in the previous films, according to Screen Rant.

Screenshot from "Deadpool & Wolverine"
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The trailer also reveals a first look at Emma Corrin, who is rumored to be playing X-Men villain Cassandra Nova, though Marvel hasn't officially announced this. (Plus, fans are speculating they spotted a ton of other X-Men legends in the trailer, too.)

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And Matthew Macfadyen, first revealed in the teaser, makes another appearance here.

Screenshot from "Deadpool & Wolverine"
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Best yet, the trailer sees Deadpool and Wolverine jumping into some sort of portal. Is this a nod to how the characters connect to the greater MCU? Some fans think so, but only time will tell.

Screenshot from "Deadpool & Wolverine"
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So yes, the MCU just got a major shakeup! Here are some of the best reactions to Deadpool & Wolverine:


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