Here's How Long Kefir Is Good For After Opening It

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The concept of trusting your gut may have once seemed like an old wives' tale, but recent scientific research highlights a proven information channel between your gut and your brain. This means that supporting your gut health can impact your mood and your emotions. One way to boost your belly and brain is with the probiotic-rich kefir, a fermented dairy-based drink that is similar to yogurt in its high protein content — but different in that it's made from kefir grains (tiny combinations of beneficial bacteria, yeast, and probiotics).Given kefir's benefits, there's reason to be consuming it and other fermented foods daily. However, because it's made from dairy and contains live and active cultures, it's important to understand how long it remains good after opening. The short answer is that an open container should be consumed within two to five days of opening for optimal freshness. Nevertheless, some kefir brands, such as the popular Lifeway Kefir, maintain that it will remain fresh from when it is opened until its sell-by date, which may exceed a five-day window.

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How To Tell If Your Kefir Is Still Good

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For those new to kefir, it can taste tart, tangy, and sour. Still, this is natural and does not mean your beverage has spoiled. If you've opened your bottle and you're reaching the five-day mark or sell-by date, check for visible mold and an overwhelmingly sour smell or taste. If either of these are present, then it's a clear indicator to dispose of your kefir.

Kefir is a living beverage made from milk, and drinking spoiled dairy could result in sickness, thus counteracting kefir's gut health properties. Consuming your kefir in the appropriate window will also ensure that you're receiving the maximum benefits from its active cultures. For optimal results, note when you open your bottle so you can anticipate the time you have to consume it and keep it stored in the refrigerator. Additionally, keeping your kefir in an airtight glass or plastic container, with a tightly fastened lid, will help it stay fresh.

If your interest is piqued by this probiotic-rich drink, we have you covered with everything you need to know about kefir. Next time you consume this tasty beverage, you can relish the fact that you're feeding your body and brain.

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