Here's how The Crown season three actors compare to real life royals

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Just days after its bulk release, The Crown season three has already captivated audiences—despite the widely-acclaimed original cast being completely replaced by new actors.

Luckily for viewers, the star-studded new line-up appears to have thrown themselves in their characters, an effort that’s been further assistance to the program’s commitment to emulating what happened in real life.

But how much do the famous faces actually stack up to their royal roles?

Here, Yahoo Lifestyle have rounded-up just how the new stars compared and contrasted to the very real people who make up the world’s most famous family.

The Crown's Olivia Colman at Charles' investiture mirrors the real thing. Photo: Netflix/Getty

The Queen — Olivia Colman

After two seasons in the hands of fan favourite Claire Foy, Oscar winner OIivia Colman knew she had big shoes to fill by taking on the role of Her Majesty—even calling it the ‘worst job in the world’.

But at 45 years old Olivia is perfectly positioned to take over for this part of the Queen’s reign which featured her from ages 38 to 51, between the years of 1962 to 1977.

Add to this her near-uncanny likeness to the Monarch and wide breadth of acting experience, Olivia’s clearly up for the task of tackling some of the Queen’s most tumultuous years.

This is perhaps most evident when undertaking the crowning of her son and heir, Charles as Prince of Wales in 1969 when Olivia dons an almost identical look to her counterpart’s infamous helmet-like head ware for the occasion.

Prince Philip — Tobias Menzies

In season three Prince Philip is shown to have a type of crisis around in 1968 (pictured, left) how his life has played out up until this point. Photo: Getty/Netflix

Taking the reins of playing Prince Philip from former Doctor Who star Matt Smith this season is Tobias Menzies, who originally found fame for his part in cult hit Outlander.

However, while fans have so far applauded his performance in season three, the era is one which once again delves into the prince’s unfulfilled mood towards always being the Queen’s consort.

Instead of sitting on his hands, Tobias’ portrayal of Philip shows the royal ploughing forward and attempting to modernise the monarchy, much to the dismay of his mother-in-law.

But, like his wife—and his season two antics—the prince’s stand-out scenes centre on his relationship with Charles, in what Tobias describes as a ‘tyrannical’ style of parenting.

"Philip really isn't on record talking about it. In the show, we suggest he was a distant father, sometimes even a tyrannical father,” he recently told Harper’s Bazaar about the complex relationship.

Prince Charles — Josh O’Connor

Josh O'Connor's appearance as Prince Charles is uncannily similar to the royal himself. Photo: Getty/Netflix

What stands out most about Josh O’Connor’s casting as Prince Charles is perhaps just how similar the 29-year-old looks to the royal heir in his bachelor heyday.

The relative newcomer, whose credits mostly centre on British TV dramas, nails his character’s very unique coming of age best seen in the royal’s tumultuous budding romance with future wife Camilla.

Despite the twosome being at the central of a high society love web during this era, their initial meetings at the polo are captured almost identically to how they went down in person—right down to the costumes.

Princess Anne — Erin Doherty

Actress Erin Doherty's appearance as Princess Anne at her brother's Prince of Wales Investiture mirrors how she appearance in real life. Photo: Getty/Netflix

The equally unexpected and undisputed breakout star of The Crown is Erin Doherty’s portrayal of a glamorous young Princess Anne.

Season three details the young royal’s romantic life in her youth, particularly with Camilla’s future husband Andrew Parker Bowles and her own first spouse Captain Mark Phillips.

For viewers looking to compare just how closely Erin emulates her muse, they should tune in closely to scenes featuring Charles’ princely coronation in episode six.

Camilla Parker Bowles — Emerald Fennell 

The Crown recreated Camilla and Charles' infamous encounter at the polo to a tee. Photo: Getty/Netflix

While her presence in high society circles started out strictly on its periphery, Camilla would ultimately change the course of royal history

But during season three’s dramatic era, actress Emerald Fennell is tasked with playing out the early stages of her eventual decades-long romance with Prince Charles.

Understandably, much of this takes place in private, making it impossible to determine how closely the historical drama follows the truth.

But, like her now-husband’s portrayal, Camilla’s character is best compared to her real self in polo scenes where she and her prince first bond.

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