Heidi Montag Glows Against the Snow-Covered Slopes in Nothing But a Neon Bikini

Heidi Montag

Heidi Montag is an "unbothered" queen in her latest social media upload, absolutely shredding the wintry slopes in her summery-est swimsuit.

The reality star seems to have returned to her Colorado roots for a ski vacation, although she didn't confirm the location of the mountain she dominated in the video uploaded to Instagram on Thursday, March 28.

Clad in nothing more than a neon pink string bikini and her ski boots, The Hills alum breezed down the hill like it was nothing, swaying her hips from side to side with each shift in direction to the beat of her dance track, "I'll Do It (Alex P Remix)."

When she got to the base of the hill she threw her arms in the air triumphantly before sliding down the shoveled path, throwing her head over her shoulder with a sassy smile before disappearing behind the pile of snow.

Fans were in awe of the bold move, though some couldn't "get past how cold [they] would be" in the same situation.

"This is the most Barbie thing ever," one wrote, while another commented, in part, "We love a girly that shreds!"

"Love her! She stays unbothered 🔥," someone else said.

"The body is bodying. This is bada-- 🔥," another complimented.

A few also took note of the similarities with Chelsea Handler's birthday tradition, wondering if Montag took any inspiration from the comedian, who celebrated her 49th birthday last month skiing in a blue bikini and beanie while pulling off several bizarre tricks, of sorts.

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