Heidi Klum Stuns in a Jaw-Dropping Yellow Bikini in New Vacation Photos

Heidi Klum is out here living her best life on vacation, by which I mean she just dropped pics of herself enjoying the sun in a bright yellow bikini:

I want what she's having (specifically a cute swimsuit and some nice non-itchy grass to face plant onto).

Anyway! According to the Daily Mail, Heidi was joined on vacation by her husband Tom Kaulitz, and they spent some time making out on a balcony, as you do.

Heidi and Tom got married back in 2019, and last year she talked about their relationship to She Knows, saying, “He is the most amazing person. A lot of people were, you know, not giving us the positive vibes when we first started dating because I’m 16 years older than him. But I feel like, there too, if it feels right when you close your door at home and you know what you have together, I think that is the most important thing.”

“You have to cut out all the noise around you. Not everyone is always cheering you on in all things that you do,” she added. “But I feel like you’ve got to do what makes you happy. And he made me happy. And we’re still happy and having a great time together. I feel like I’ve always had this attitude, and I’ve failed by having this attitude many times as well. I mean, this is my third marriage! And I’ve always kind of gone into things like, ‘Oh, Yes, this is it!’ And I feel like this is how you have to live your life. You can’t already, in the beginning of something great, think, ‘Oh, what might happen later down the road?’”

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