Hidden dangers of fruit juice

June 10, 2011, 11:49 amlifestylechannels

Why so-called health drinks are making you fat.


Drinking just two glasses of fruit juice a day could be giving you the sweet tooth that makes you crave high calorie food.

Experts say fruit juice has too much sugar in it and should not be one of our 'five-a-day' health foods.

Researchers claim their study has shown for the first time that overweight and obese people have a 'dulled' sensitivity to the drinks, but enhanced 'subconscious liking' of the sweet taste.

Hans-Peter Kubis, of the university's School of Sport, Health & Exercise Sciences, has called for sugar to be taxed to stop an impending health 'disaster', and for fruit juice to be taken out of the 'five-a-day' health message.

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He told the Daily Mail: 'This has serious implications for public health. This research shows how little sweet food stuffs are required to actually change your taste perceptions and how powerful sweet tasting products are.

'We are headed for a multi-level health disaster with rising obesity levels and the increasing incidence of type 2 diabetes.

'From our research it's clear to see how this situation may have created a cycle of sweet food and drink consumption. As taste satisfaction levels drop, the more sweet foods are consumed, contributing to these problems.'

Health experts say parents should give their children water instead of so-called ‘healthy’ fruit drinks. According to findings natural fruit juice, fizzy drinks and cordials are all 'too high in sugar and too sweet'.

Dr Kubis said: 'My reaction would be to encourage the Government to consider taxing sugar that is added to food stuffs - and have that tax ring-fenced for the health budget.

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'I'd also question the wisdom of including fruit juice in the five-a-day message. Fruit juice is higher in sugars than people realise.'

Health expert Libby Babet recommends adding a slice of fresh lime to your water to spice it up.

“Water or herbal teas may not taste as sweet but will keep you healthy, inside and out. And while the odd sweet drink won’t hurt, if sipping on them is becoming a habit, kick it now before it kicks you all the way to the curb!”

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  1. 來賺另一份收入02:05am Monday 28th May 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    利用零碎時間幫自己加薪!!請複製右邊英文 Now.to/6v38

  2. J08:06am Sunday 19th June 2011 ESTReport Abuse

    ...of cancers are preventable with nutrition, we should listen.

  3. J07:56am Sunday 19th June 2011 ESTReport Abuse

    This is not new information. Fruit, in any form, without the fibre is not fruit. Added sugar, in any form, is a non-nutrient. Of course it is next to impossible to eliminate sugar from one's diet, nor should one. It is in many foods we should eat (whole fruit for example). Do some research to discover how refined foods (sugar and white flour for example) contribute to disease including cancer and diabetes. When the Cancer Councils of many countries say that at least 75% of cancers can be prevented through nutrition alone, we should listen. Because you are what you eat.

  4. Cynthia03:27pm Sunday 12th June 2011 ESTReport Abuse

    I just bought orange juice. I was thinking of getting my source of vitamin C from there. Anyway, in that case How about diluted orange juice ?

  5. bushie05:53pm Friday 10th June 2011 ESTReport Abuse

    Yes people FRUCROSE is the worst kind of sugar, Eat the fruit whole but once you Juice it , it turns into pure energy ae: sugar (Frucrose). The heart Foundation are a bunch of idiots, They are still pushing The fat band wagon,and don't look at the sugar. The american heart foundation has looked at this and recomend 2 teaspoons ok sugar a day for adults and 1 for kids. Take the sugar out of your diet and the weight will fall off.

  6. notamews05:06pm Friday 10th June 2011 ESTReport Abuse

    Eat ,drink and be merry, for tomorrow we may die.

  7. michael05:03pm Friday 10th June 2011 ESTReport Abuse

    "Hidden dangers of fruit juice"........ really ?

  8. James04:49pm Friday 10th June 2011 ESTReport Abuse

    Everyone turn to the back of a fruit juice container and have a look at how much sugar there is per 100g and then compare it to a bottle of fizzy drink. It's only ever so slightly lower in fruit juice. I laughed for quite a while when I found that out. May as well be having Coke or Pepsi for breakfast if you're having juice with your cereal. I believe freshly squeezed juice is slightly better, but only if you don't add more sugar.

  9. Joe Gomez04:40pm Friday 10th June 2011 ESTReport Abuse

    Hi Guys, Dont just be a puppet in the hands of media. They keep changing articles as and how they want. If we just blindly follow them, all of us will have to survive on just mineral water and be living in a sterilised container. Be wise. Life is just once. Eat, drink and live sensibly and responsibly. Cheers.

  10. Sydney03:26pm Friday 10th June 2011 ESTReport Abuse

    How do we remove the sugar from every single product that's on the supermarket shelves? The minister of health can't be that ignorant..he just can't !!!


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