Harry Potter fan transforms Kmart clock into 'fabulous' table

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Sometimes a little imagination - and a Kmart item or two - can turn an ordinary item into something magical.

That's exactly what happened when Sydney hairdresser and make-up artist Alena decided to upcycle an old metal table she found using an old Kmart clock.

"My Slytherin House theme started to take a shape slowly, l think this large clock from Kmart, really helped turn trash table to treasure," Alena explained on the Kmart Hacks & Decor Facebook group.

Photos of a rusty old metal table and an oversized clock from Kmart and the final upcycled dining table that they were transformed into.
Alena upcycled a rusty old metal table using an oversized clock from Kmart to create this unique dining table. Photo: Supplied

Her fellow group members loved the result too, with almost 600 people liking the post in just three days.

"Absolutely gorgeous!!! You're so clever," one person commented.

"Wow that table looks amazing," another said.

"Looks absolutely fabulous wish I was talented as you," someone else said.

Others were enamoured with the entire dining room paying homage to Harry Potter.

"What a fabulous idea - love your Slytherin theme room," one person commented.

"You’re a very clever chicken! That’s so creative.

"I’m looking at the chandelier too and can imagine the waved/arm bits holding the globe, becoming snakes," another suggested.

"Ideas just come to me mostly, how I can reuse/recycle/upcycle things I found," Alena told Yahoo Lifestyle.

She used the large metal clock from Kmart that she's had for a couple of years and used fishing line to attach the clock to the table before adding a glass table top.

"I wanted to add a clock tower like in Harry Potter but it was impossible living in unit," she revealed.

"I decided to make something that looked like it was from the Harry Potter movies but same time was useful in the house."

The clock wasn't the only Kmart item that Sydney-based Alena upcycled to create her Harry Potter themed dining room either.

She also transformed the popular Kookaburra and Koala canvases to better match her theme.

"They didn't really work for me," she said.

"I was bored playing with photo editing on my phone one night and ended up creating these.

"I then printed them poster size and attached to the canvases with glue before painting the edges," she added.

Alena also used Kmart's koala and kookaburra prints to add to the Harry Potter theme. Photo: Supplied
Alena also used Kmart's koala and kookaburra prints to add to the Harry Potter theme. Photo: Supplied

Alena said she's always loved the magic of the Harry Potter universe.

"It's a magical world which can take you out of this life." she reveals.

"I don't have any kids but my eight-year-old nephew, and my nieces who are six and two, just love my place."

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