Harry and Meghan's 'unexpected' gesture to Kate Middleton

Harry and Meghan have reached across their rumoured rift with the Cambridges with a touching gesture to sister-in-law Kate Middleton.

The Duchess of Cambridge celebrated her 39th birthday on the 9th of January at home with Prince William and the couple’s three children.

Kate Middleton Prince William
Kate and William received a surprise in the mail last week as they celebrated they Duchess' birthday. Photo: Getty Images

Living in LA, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex couldn’t be there in person to wish Kate a happy birthday, and with rumours of a major rift still abounding it seemed unlikely to royal watchers that the duo would be part of the day.

It seems, however, that the pair decided to throw rumours to the wind, and did their best to wish Kate a happy birthday.


A source claims the Duke and Duchess of Sussex sent gifts and a card to Kensington Palace to mark the occasion, something that reportedly caught the Cambridge’s off guard.

The Duchess and Duke of Sussex send Kate Middleton birthday present
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex extended a peace offering on the happy occasion. Photo: Getty Images
Kate Middleton birthday present from Harry and Meghan
Kate was reportedly caught off guard by the sweet gesture. Photo: Getty Images

“It was a nice surprise,” a source told US Weekly. “Kate wasn’t expecting anything from the couple.”

The act has settled rumours that continue to swirl that the former ‘fab four’ are in the midst of a falling out, after Harry and Meghan relocated to Los Angeles where they have been enjoying a more relaxed lifestyle.

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge
The former 'awesome foursome' has been on the rocks for the past year according to rumours. Photo: Getty Images

Though the move was initially put down to Meghan’s harsh treatment by British press, recently a royal biographer claimed escaping "subservience" to Prince William is what "Harry wanted to do for years".

The recent peace offering comes as sources report that Harry and Meghan are set to return to the UK this year to renegotiate their controversial Megxit deal.

The Sun reports the pair want to extend the existing agreement into a ‘more permanent’ arrangement and will return to the UK to broker the deal face to face.

Of concern could be the duo’s mega-deals with streaming platforms Spotify and Netflix which will be ‘examined’ to ensure they line up with the Queen’s values.

The initial agreement was made public in late January when Buckingham Palace released a statement.

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