Harry and Meghan 'furious' about King Charles' decision: 'Relentless'

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are reportedly ‘furious’ that their children will not be given HRH titles from King Charles.

However, the monarch is expected to anoint Archie and Lilibet as prince and princess in the future.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle look somber
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle want HRH titles for their children. Photo: Getty

The Sun revealed that His Majesty has promised to bestow the prince and princess titles on his grandchildren after ‘tense discussions’ with Harry and Meghan.

While the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are no longer permitted to use HRH titles, they are desperate for their children to have them.


The publication noted that Harry and Meghan have argued their case by using princesses Beatrice and Eugenie as an example — the pair aren’t working royals yet have HRH status.

A source told The Sun: “Harry and Meghan were worried about the security issue and being prince and princess bring them the right to have certain levels of royal security.”

“They have been insistent that Archie and Lilibet are prince and princess,” the source continued.

“They have been relentless since the Queen died. But they have been left furious that Archie and Lilibet cannot take the title HRH.”

Royals can only receive money from the Sovereign Grant if they have a HRH title, in a form of a 'salary' for working royals.

Harry and Meghan publicly chose a life of 'financial independence' when they stopped being working royals. The pair wrote on their Sussex Royal website that they "value the ability to earn a professional income", something they were unable to do as senior royals.

Those with HRH status are also provided private security by the monarchy, which is what Harry and Meghan are wanting for their children.

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, Prince William, Kate Middleton and King Charles
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex stepped down from royal duties in March 2020. Photo: Getty

Meghan’s big move after Queen’s death

This comes after a royal expert said that Meghan’s team are having to scrutinise her Spotify podcast Archetypes.

According to a royal expert, her team are trying to remove anything deemed offensive to the royal family after the Queen’s death.

The Duchess of Sussex had planned to release her next episode on Tuesday, but her podcast has been delayed while the royal family mourns.

Royal commentator Neil Sean told his YouTube followers that although Meghan has four podcast episodes ready to go, there’s ‘a lot of work going on behind the scenes’.

Meghan Markle wears black as she meets mourners
Meghan Markle has made a big move following the Queen's death. Photo: Getty

“According to a very good source, they’re going through it all with a very fine tooth comb to make sure there’s nothing derogatory, hurtful or indeed that could cause yet another explosive time-bomb,” he revealed.

“You could look at this two ways really; is Meghan changing her tune to now try and re-fit back into the family that she left behind?”

“Or indeed is she having second thoughts because she doesn’t want to create any more trouble?”

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