The 'hardest working royal' of 2019 has been revealed

Francesca Specter
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The hardest working royal of 2019 is Prince Charles. Photo: Getty

The ‘hardest working royal’ for 2019 has been revealed, and this time it is not Princess Anne.

In fact it was Prince Charles who completed more engagements than any other royal family member in 2019.

The 71-year-old attended a total of 521 functions in 2019 – a figure that takes into account engagements both in the UK and overseas, according to The Times.

It has been a busy year for Charles, who has travelled to New Zealand, Germany, Cuba, Barbados, India and the Caribbean.

Prince Charles attended 521 functions over the past year. [Photo: Getty]

In total, the royal family undertook 3,567 engagements over the past year.

Anne came second place after her elder brother, attending 506 engagements in 2019 – 15 fewer than Charles.

The pair’s younger brother, Prince Edward, completed 308 engagements this year.

The Queen undertook 295; Prince William 220; the Duchess of Cambridge 126; and the Duchess of Sussex 83.

Prince Harry, who is currently on a six-week break from royal duties, attended 201 engagements this year.

Princess Anne, pictured here at a NATO reception in December, has previously been considered the most industrious royal. [Photo: Getty]

Tim O’ Donovan, a reader of The Times, has compiled the publication’s figures every year since 1979.

He monitors it by looking at the court circular pages in every edition of The Times and putting them into a scrapbook and then compiling a table.

The publication has published his findings every year since 1980.

Princess Anne, 69, has historically been proclaimed the most hardworking royal by various publications.

Last year, she was given this title after attending 447 total engagements in the UK and 71 overseas, according to O’Donovan and The Times last year.

The Telegraph has also called her the “busiest royal” for the past three years – although their figure is based on the number of days the royal worked in 2019 (180 in 2018) rather than the number of engagements.

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