Hallmark star Mamie Laverock in 'tremendous pain' after new surgeries, but 'continues to not give up'

The "When Calls the Heart" actress' family is sharing an update on her health following her fall from a five-story balcony.

The family of Mamie Laverock says the When Calls the Heart star is "fighting hard everyday" after falling from a five-story balcony last month and undergoing multiple surgeries.

In an update published on their GoFundMe page, the actress' parents, Nicole Rockmann and John Laverock, explained that she is still in "tremendous pain" as she recovers from the tragic incident. 

"Her body has been shattered," they wrote. "She has undergone two 11 hour surgeries with two doctors working on her, a three hour surgery, and another surgery today. We have nothing but gratitude for the doctors and nurses who have been exemplary in her care since May 26."

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Mamie Laverock

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The family also clarified one of their earlier updates on the 19-year-old's condition, in which they stated that she was "doing well" on her health journey. "Mamie is 'doing well' comparatively to when she arrived," they said. "Doing well because she has survived these extensive surgeries. She is enduring tremendous pain and continues to not give up."

For now, the family is taking Laverock's recovery day by day. "We can only hold onto the miracles of each day and continue to thank everyone for their prayers and marvel at the miracles of her story," they concluded. “Our daughter loves her life and loves her family and is fighting hard everyday.”

Laverock was hospitalized in Winnipeg on May 11 after suffering a medical emergency and later transferred to a hospital in Vancouver. In a subsequent update on her GoFundMe page, her family announced that she had been in the process of receiving "intensive treatment for the past two weeks" when she was "escorted out of a secure unit of the hospital and taken up to a balcony walkway from which she fell five stories" on May 26.

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"She sustained life threatening injuries, has undergone multiple extensive surgeries, and is currently on life support," they wrote. "We are all devastated, in shock, at this intensely difficult time."

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Rockmann said that her daughter's fall was not a suicide attempt, and that the family plans to sue the hospital.

"We have a case. All we care about is that Mamie can make a recovery and that she's alive and that she's fighting and that she's strong," she said. "It's unbelievable that she's with us."

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