Halle Berry, 57, Has a 'Marilyn Monroe Moment' in Stunning Dress

Halle Berry put on a show for a camera that left several fans drawing comparisons to Marilyn Monroe.

The 57-year-old actress had a gorgeous white dress that she appeared eager to show off. In a five-photo Instagram carousel shared on Friday, June 21, the Catwoman star put her skirt in full motion as she twirled it around her legs, leaving the material out of focus in the first three snapshots as she exposed her long legs beneath.

In the fourth image included in her post, Berry posed with her back to the camera, showing how the dress fell on her body when it was at rest. The dress had a large collar and was cut in a way that showed off the Monster’s Ball actress’ shoulders, leaving her arms bare. A cut at her waist showed a stretch of skin on her back before giving way to the long skirt that fell to her ankles.

Berry struck a pose facing the camera for the final photo included in the series, closing her eyes and smiling slightly as she tilted her head up to the sky. The new view showed the dress had a large white belt and black or metallic belt buckle and a double-breasted design added to the top of the skirt.

“A little commotion for the dress 😉,” Berry wrote in her Instagram caption.

Fans mostly focused on the first few photos in the post’s comment section, with many leaving fire emojis and gushing over Berry’s toned legs. Some called the actress “gorgeous” and “stunning,” while others declared her a “goddess” who had been “sculpted by gods.”

Several people said the photos showed Berry having a “Marilyn Monroe moment,” a reference to the 1955 film The Seven Year Itch in which Monroe’s character is standing on a subway grate when a gust of air from below the street causes her white dress to fly up around her waist.

Decades later, Berry was having her own “little marilyn moment 🔥🩵,” one fan declared.

“Wooow Halle 😍😘🥰 Marilyn Monroe you 💓,” another fan wrote.

“Modern day Marilyn Monroe 🔥,” one Instagram user commented.

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