Hairdresser's bizarre demands go viral

The hairdresser’s bizarre list of rules has been ridiculed online. Photo: Twitter/hairadvisoruk

A hairdresser has drawn the ire of the internet, after their Instagram story detailing a bizarre list of extra charges prospective client might face went viral.

The screenshot from an Instagram story details a strange list of criteria that will incur extra charges the most contentious being extra charges for tall customers.

The story has not been attributed to any source but was shared to Twitter by hair salon review page Hair Advisor UK, where it raised more than a few eyebrows.

“If you are above the height of 5’8 there is an additional charge,” the screenshot of the original story read.

Other criteria which incur extra charges include hair that is ‘bra-strap length’ or longer.

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While the latter charge is more common in hair salons worldwide, the height requirement is highly unusual, and from Twitter user’s reactions, highly unreasonable as well.

‘Are Hair Stylists expecting too much from their clients?’ the tweet shared by Hair Advisor UK asked.

According to the user’s who responded, the answer was an unequivocal yes.

Some thought the anonymous stylist had lost the plot completely:

Other’s questioned why a person’s height would impact on the stylist’s ability to do their job:

Some have even branded the charge discrimination:

And this reaction summed up the general vibe perfectly:

The stylist also wanted pictures of a customer’s current hair, and reserved the right to charge for any extra time they spent on the hair.

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