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Hair miracle: Shoppers 'obsessed' with serum that rehydrates tresses by 97%

Frizzy hair sufferers can't get enough of this smoothing serum.

Winter can mean dry, frizzy hair that needs some serious shine. Cold air contains less moisture than warm air, so it can dry your hair out, making it weak, dull and brittle.

To prevent hair breaking and to bring some gloss back to your locks, you need to firstly add moisture to it. Then, it's important to protect it from heat styling as this can further dehydrate your hair and cause an itchy or flaky scalp.

The good news is that shoppers have discovered a secret to shiny winter hair, claiming Unwritten's So Sublime! Hydro Repair serum has truly changed their hair for the better.

Model with curly hair; So Sublime! Hydro Repair serum by Unwritten Hair
Aussie-made serum So Sublime! Hydro Repair by Unwritten Hair is designed to rehydrate your hair by 97% in just two hours. Photo: Supplied

Aussie-made, So Sublime! is packed with two highly concentrated hydrating substances, trehalose and glycerin. Together these form a shield of moisture strength, and repair every strand of hair and the scalp. It rehydrates the hair by 97% in just two hours, and also hydrates an irritated scalp in four hours.

The serum also works well on thermal and bleach-damaged hair fibres. Its hydra-protect technology uses a film-forming effect to seal the detached, flaky scales on the hair's surface, replacing dry and damaged strands with smooth, shiny and stronger hair.


So Sublime! releases active ingredients over time that repair the hair surface, restore hydration, and improve the condition of the scalp with each application.

It works on hair, that's curly, frizzy, damaged or bleached, and is also ideal to use before styling as it gives heat protection and adds a dose of hydration.

Frizzy hair sufferers can't get enough of the smoothing serum, that costs $36.30. "It makes my dry frizzy hair super smooth and shiny. I use it everyday and my hair has never looked better!!," says one. "This stuff works wonders," agrees another. "It tames frizz and making my hair feel silky smooth. It's like a spa treatment for my strands."

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