Hailey Bieber shares her 'peachy girl summer' glam tutorial and it’s giving pregnancy glow

hailey bieber in a strapless dress
Hailey B's summer glam tutorial is giving glowDavid M. Benett - Getty Images

Say hello to a 'peachy beachy girl summer'! The queen of the micro-trend just declared it so. Hailey Bieber, the mother of Strawberry Girl Summer, has shared a makeup get ready with me for the first time in yonks, and the peachy summer vibe is giving pregnancy glow.

Posting the clip on YouTube she told fans and followers: "Hi everyone! I'm so excited for summer, and wanted to show you guys my peachy beachy summer glam that I've been loving lately. Watch to see exactly how I achieve this easy, glowy look that I'll be doing all summer long!"

Her pregnancy glow is unreal, and unlike most makeup tutorials that pop up on our feeds, for once, it kind of does look easy?

She preps the skin with her Rhode Glazing Milk and the Rhode Peptide Glazing Fluid, delivering a glowy base for under her makeup. Then she does a bit of underpainting sculpting the face with a bronzing contour wand that also has self-tanner in it, and using the Hourglass Vanish Airbrush Concealer under the eyes, on blemishes, around the nose and to snatch under the cheekbones, pressing and melting it right into the skin.

Then it's time to "Marry everything together with the Hourglass Hydrating Skin Tint, really hydrating, really glowy, perfect for summertime skin." She also revealed she always mixes foundation with her peptide skin glaze, to give a tint without diluting the base. "You can kind of see how it's just buffing everything together and making it really seamless and beautiful, so so nice on the skin," she says.

She then uses a touch of powder in places that might look greasy over glowy, before she gets on to the real peak peachy girl summer step: The blush.

First, she starts with a "Sunburnt bronzy terracotta kind of colour" tapping up the cheekbones with her fingertips, right up around the brow and across the bridge of the nose. Then she really brings the peachy glow to life with a pinky-orange tone. "That's my favourite for summertime it's like this pop," she adds.

It's all pulled together with Hourglass' dusky pinky shadow shade Pin, to marry the blush.

Peachy Girl Summer feels like the surfing laid-back sister of Strawberry Girl Summer and we are so here for it.

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