Hack to keep avocados fresh for FOUR weeks goes viral: 'Speechless'

A viral life hack is making the rounds on social media this week for promising to keep your avocados fresh for weeks - and it doesn’t involve any expensive gadgets.

US woman Lisa Williams first shared the hack on her Facebook profile in February, before it was quickly shared almost 200,000 times.

The South Carolina resident shared a photograph of uncut avocados sitting in a jar of water in her fridge, bragging that she’d kept them fresh and ready to eat for two weeks.

avocado hack
The woman conducted a number of experiments with avocado freshness to prove her hack works. Photos: Facebook

“Avocado lovers, sit down because I’m about to change your life,” she wrote.

“Avocados stay good for-freaking-ever if you put them in water in the fridge. They’re perfect - I’m speechless.”

She also told her followers that she’d placed some avocados on her countertop to compare results, and the ones that weren’t refrigerated in water had rotted.

Lisa also later updated her post to add that she’d left an avocado in the water jar for four weeks.

“I just pulled out the last one and it was perfect!” she said.


Social media reacts to 'game changing' hack

Lisa's hack has been widely shared on social media as well as being featured on parenting and advice community Mum Central.

Group members have react enthusiastically to the simple hack, stating that all supermarkets should take it on as well.

“This is a game changer!” one group member said.

Fresh organic avocado at farmer's market, healthy food
The avocado hack was shared by thousands. Photo: Getty

“Now I know - I will do this next time I get my hands on some avocado,” wrote a second.

“I will have to try this out as I always end up having to throw them out,” commented a third.

So does it work?

Thousands of excited mums have tried the hack for themselves at home, and according to them, it works.

“I had mine for over a week in water before I cut them open. Perfect,” one group member wrote.

“Left an avocado in water for a week and a half and used it today, it was perfect!” said another.

“We tried this and it works! Left an avocado in the water for 1.5 weeks and it was perfect,” added a third.

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