Gwyneth Paltrow says 'f--- you’ to Bill Clinton for 'snoring right in front of me' at an “Emma” screening

Hell hath no fury like an actress scorned.

Gwyneth Paltrow has a bone to pick with former President Bill Clinton — and any other moviegoers who think it’s okay to snore at a screening.

During her mouth-numbing appearance on the YouTube interview series Hot Ones, Paltrow, 51, paused her battle with spicy wings to address a couple of rumors that host Sean Evans dug up from the internet. Among them was a story that then-President Bill Clinton “passed out asleep” during a White House screening of her 1996 movie, Emma.

"True," Paltrow answered with a laugh. "He was snoring right in front of me. I was like, ‘Wow, I guess this is going to be a real hit movie,’” the Goop CEO said sarcastically. “But it was! So f--- you, Bill Clinton!"

<p>Everett;Jamie McCarthy/Getty</p> Gwyneth Paltrow and Bill Clinton

Everett;Jamie McCarthy/Getty

Gwyneth Paltrow and Bill Clinton

Director Douglas McGrath's Jane Austen adaptation was well-received by critics and certainly wasn’t a snooze at the box office, earning upwards of $22 million in theaters. The film also marked a key moment in Paltrow’s career — just three years later, she would win an Oscar for her performance in Shakespeare in Love.

During her game of true or false with Evans, Paltrow wasn’t able to verify the rumor that a prosthetic of her head made for S7ven was reused 16 years later in Contagion — but she did confirm that Kiefer Sutherland was once her childhood babysitter.

"Isn't that cool? I was at the Williamstown Theatre Festival, where my mom [actress Blythe Danner] was doing plays, and he was an apprentice,” she recalled. “He babysat me and my brother [Jake Paltrow]. And he was awesome.”

Sutherland previously discussed his brief babysitting gig in a 2009 interview. “It's unbelievable how fast someone goes from 13 to 18, and obviously they look so different that when Gwyneth started to work, I thought, 'Well, that must be another girl.’ Because I always remember her as being 11 or 12 years old," said the 24 alum.

You can watch Paltrow sort through truths while surviving spicy wings in the interview above.

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