Guy Pearce reveals hidden Kate Winslet tribute in Neighbours finale

Guy Pearce returned to Neighbours for the show's finale last week alongside several other successful alumni, with the star revealing he included a little tribute to friend Kate Winslet.

During the episode, Guy returned as Mike Young and revealed he had feelings for Jane Harris, played by Annie Jones.

Guy Pearce holding the Ramsay St sign on Neighbours set
Guy Pearce revealed he included a secret tribute to Kate Winslet in the Neighbours finale, sharing that the actress is a fan of the soap. Photo: Ten

When he was telling Jane about his life, he spoke of his daughter Sammy and his wife, whose name was Rose, named after Kate's iconic Titanic character Rose DeWitt Bukater.

Guy, who worked with Kate on Mildred Pearce in 2011 and again in Mare of Easttown last year, revealed the Oscar-winning actress is actually a massive Neighbours fan.


"She was besotted with Mike back in the day," Guy told WHO. "When I told her I was coming back, she was beside herself."

When asked how it felt to be back on the show, he added, "I’m an incredibly nostalgic person anyway, so I’ve always wanted to step back onto the show at some stage – and of course with the sad news that the show is finishing, it seemed like the appropriate time.

"Thankfully, I was planning a trip back home anyway, so it just worked."

Guy Pearce and Kate Winslet
Guy has worked with Kate Winslet a few times, revealing she had a poster of his Neighbours character Mike Young when she was growing up. Photo: Warner Bros

Speaking to Studio 10 about the tribute to Kate, Guy shared, "When I [spoke] to the producer, he said maybe we can make the mother of your child, maybe she can be Kate."

"I said ‘that's a little personal in my life so let's not call her Kate,’ so she is called Rose who was Kate's character on Titanic."

"Kate Winslet had a poster of Mike Young on her wall growing up," he laughed.

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