A Guide to Your Lunar Return and What It Means, According to an Astrologer

Here's why your lunar return, connected to the moon and your birth chart, is a symbol of your innermost feelings

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Horoscope Lunar Return

Already familiar with your solar return and Saturn return? Let's take it a step further and discuss something more intimate: your lunar return. After all, among the unique array of astrological techniques, planetary returns are pivotal in their ability to reveal deeper insights into the energies surrounding our current reality and future paths.

A planetary return is another way of referring to a planet returning to the same position in the sky as it was at your time of birth. Your solar return, for instance, marks the moment when the Sun returns to the same degree and zodiac sign it occupied when you took your first breath, occurring every year on your birthday. This, in turn, allocates a brand-new chart (map, so to speak) for the year ahead, offering tremendous insight into energetic themes that could influence you throughout the year.

Your lunar return chart is equally illuminating, except it’s all the more personal considering its connection to the moon, which represents our innermost feelings and emotional foundation in astrology.

Read on for a complete guide to your lunar return chart and what it means.

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What is a lunar return?

A lunar return refers to the moment when the moon returns to the exact position it held in the zodiac at your time of birth. Like a solar return, which involves the sun returning to its natal position annually around your birthday, a lunar return occurs once every month, specifically when the moon transits the same degree and sign as your natal moon sign.

This astrological event plays a significant role in our emotional cycles, innermost feelings and subconscious patterns throughout each lunar cycle, which lasts approximately 28 days. A lunar return chart can help astrologers and chart holders understand these emotional influences and how they can manifest.

What can my lunar return reveal?

Your lunar return is a snapshot of your emotional landscape and “mood” for the next 28 days. Just as a solar return chart sets the tone for your identity in the year ahead, a lunar return chart sets the emotional tone for the upcoming month. It highlights themes and energies that are likely to be prominent in your inner world and personal life during that lunar cycle.

It’s also important to note that the moon governs everything from the way we nurture ourselves to what makes us feel safe. Themes of nourishment, diet and nutrition could also be of greater emphasis when considering lunar themes. Moreover, the moon is closely aligned with home, family and what we consider familiar.  

Overall, a lunar return can provide a detailed look into your emotional world for the month ahead, helping you navigate personal matters with greater awareness and insight.

How can I find my lunar return chart?

To allocate your lunar return chart, you need an exact time, date and location of birth. You can calculate your lunar return chart on astrology websites like Astro-seek.com.

What does my lunar return Ascendant sign mean?

Your lunar return Ascendant represents how you approach emotions, personal matters and other lunar themes during this specific lunar cycle. Understanding your lunar return Ascendant provides deeper insights into how you emotionally engage with others and navigate personal interactions during this particular cycle.

It adds a layer of awareness to your emotional experiences and can help you make conscious choices based on the energies indicated by the Ascendant sign in your lunar return chart.

Below are Ascendant themes in a lunar return chart for reference:

Lunar return Aries Ascendant: High-energy, competitive, passionate, a lack of patience.
Lunar return Taurus Ascendant:
Comfort, indulgence, finances, stability, sense of security.
Lunar return Gemini Ascendant:
Siblings, cerebral, communication, fickle, duality, swift-moving.
Lunar return Cancer Ascendant:
Home, mother, family, domestic, what is of sentimental value.
Lunar return Leo Ascendant: Creativity, courage, ego, passion, performance, children, hobbies.
Lunar return Virgo Ascendant: Routine, health habits, coworkers, daily rituals, work vs. life balance.
Lunar return Libra Ascendant: Relationships, commitments, compromise, spouses, significant others.
Lunar return Scorpio Ascendant: Transformation, secrets, shared assets, repressed feelings resurfacing.
Lunar return Sagittarius Ascendant: Travel, education, publishing, venturing outside your comfort zone.
Lunar return Capricorn Ascendant: Career, structure, success, pragmatism, discipline, accountability.
Lunar return Aquarius Ascendant: Community, friendship, technology, unexpected breakthroughs.
Lunar return Pisces Ascendant: Surrender, compassion, spirituality, intuition, unconscious patterns.

It’s also important to note which astrological house your lunar Ascendant sign occupies in your natal birth chart, as it can describe the area of life where you’re more likely to focus your emotional energy that month.

For instance, let’s say your lunar Ascendant is Libra, and Libra occupies your third house of immediate surroundings in your birth chart. Despite these being two separate charts, it could suggest relationship themes (Libra) and third-house energies (i.e. siblings, communication and your inner circle) being of greater prominence this lunar cycle. 

If you’re well-versed in reading birth charts, consider which aspects (i.e., conjunction, sextile, square, trine) influence your lunar return Ascendant, as this can provide additional insights into how your emotional approach aligns with specific areas of life.

What does the moon's positioning mean in my lunar return?

Understanding the astrological house where the moon falls in your lunar return chart can provide even more clarity into where your emotional energies are directed during this specific lunar cycle. Like your natal birth chart, each astrological house represents different areas of life, essentially influencing the way your emotions will manifest and be experienced. 

Lunar return moon in the first house: The focus is on your identity, self-expression, physical appearance and how you project yourself to others. Emotions may revolve around personal goals, ambitions, and how you assert yourself.

Lunar return moon in the second house: Emphasis on financial matters, material possessions, values and self-worth. Emotions may center around financial security, personal resources and what you value most in life.

Lunar return moon in the third house: Focus on communication, intellect, learning and short trips. Emotions may involve interactions with siblings, neighbors and intellectual pursuits such as studying or writing.

Lunar return moon in the fourth house: Emphasis on home life, family dynamics and emotional security. Emotions may revolve around family relationships, domestic matters and your personal life.

Lunar return moon in the fifth house: Focus on creativity, self-expression, hobbies romance and children. Emotions may involve creative projects, love affairs, recreational activities and pursuing what brings you joy.

Lunar return moon in the sixth house: Emphasis on work, daily routines, health and service to others. Emotions may revolve around work responsibilities, health issues and self-care routines.

Lunar return moon in the seventh house: Focus on one-on-one relationships, partnerships and collaborations. Emotions may involve significant others, business partnerships, legal matters and how you relate to others on a personal level.

Lunar return moon in the eighth house: Emphasis on shared resources, intimate unions, deep emotional bonds and transformation. Emotions may revolve around financial investments, psychological insights, inheritances and profound changes.

Lunar return moon in the ninth house: Focus on higher education, travel, philosophy, beliefs and spirituality. Emotions may involve exploring new perspectives, long-distance travel and educational pursuits.

Lunar return moon in the 10th house: Emphasis on career, ambitions, public reputation and social status. Emotions may revolve around professional goals, achievements, authority figures and your public persona.

Lunar return moon in the 11th house: Focus on friendships, social networks, humanitarian causes and long-term goals. Emotions may involve social activities, group affiliations, networking, and pursuing your aspirations.

Lunar return moon in the 12th house: Emphasis on solitude, introspection, spirituality, hidden strengths and past lives. Emotions may revolve around spiritual practices, introspective insights, subconscious patterns and letting go of the past.

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