Gucci’s High Jewelry Collection Celebrates Italian Gardens

MILAN — Gucci is paying tribute to Italian gardens with its new high jewelry collection, called “Labirinti.”

“Labirinti Gucci draws inspiration from the extraordinary beauty and harmonious symmetry of nature,” president and chief executive officer Jean-François Palus told WWD. “The collection celebrates the intrinsic elegance found in every aspect of life, incorporating elements that evoke the tranquillity and purity of the natural world.”

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Gucci this week is unveiling the collection at the Oscar Niemeyer Auditorium in Ravello, a resort town by Italy’s Amalfi Coast, and home to beautiful cliffside gardens, which contrast with the dramatic modern architecture of the amphitheater.

Ravello embodies “the timeless charm synonymous with Gucci. This historic town, with its quintessential Italian beauty, epitomizes the elegance and sophistication central to our collection and provides the perfect environment to highlight our vision of luxury and Italian style, which are integral to our brand heritage,” said Palus. The auditorium “represents the perfect synthesis of design and nature, making it the ideal setting to present Labirinti Gucci.”

“Labirinti” is the Italian word for labyrinth and the collection revolves around three themes — symmetry and ordered beauty, geometric splendor and blooming nature, the latter including dainty dragonflies — and features a total of 140 one-of-a-kind pieces.

A Labirinti Gucci necklace.
A Labirinti Gucci necklace.

Palus said high jewelry “remains key for Gucci. Since entering this segment in 2019 we have consistently infused our unique brand essence into crafting distinctive collections that epitomize creativity, exceptional quality and masterful craftsmanship through the exploration of increasingly precious stones and refined designs.”

Asked about the collection’s clientele, Palus characterized the brand’s high jewelry customers as “a sophisticated global audience, spanning from North America to Asia. Particularly noteworthy is the subtle shift toward a younger demographic observed in the Asian market. Our primary focus is on building emotional connections with our clientele above all else.”

For this reason, Gucci in the future plans to “continue to organize high-end events on a global scale, selecting unique locations such as Ravello, while also hosting tailored local events aimed at specific regions,” he concluded.

A Labirinti Gucci ring.
A Labirinti Gucci ring.

Symmetry and ordered beauty refers to the geometric and harmonious Italian-style gardens, which Labirinti Gucci channels through the purity of gemstones. A statement cuff features a 5.93-carat Colombian emerald and five diamonds adorning a linear pattern of pavé diamonds evoking the brand’s G signature logo.

A necklace is centered around a 56.37-carat oval-cut green tourmaline, its strong saturation yet nuanced tones enhanced by a sprinkling of 11 additional tourmalines in a range of complementary hues.

Rubellite and tsavorite jewels compose a floral bouquet and a necklace juxtaposes a floral bloom with a linear chain featuring a discreet G logo. The jewel dangles with a 28.07-carat spinel, paired with an array of tourmaline rubellite beads and pear-cut tsavorites.

A Labirinti Gucci cuff.
A Labirinti Gucci cuff.

The geometric splendor theme is seen in a necklace with a 3.25-carat lagoon tourmaline and an Ethiopian opal of 19.68 carats, framed by mandarin garnets and opals in a strong and linear, diamond-set design.

Aquamarine and tourmaline jewels show an intricate labyrinthine pattern. A three-strand necklace studded with shrub-like Paraiba and darker green tourmalines culminates in a 62.58-carat octagonal-cut Santa Maria aquamarine from Brazil.

A matching bracelet with a 35.69-carat aquamarine, a 10.76-carat aquamarine ring, and a pair of earrings echo the aesthetic scheme.

Part of the Blooming nature theme, the dragonfly stands out in brooches with tanzanites, Paraiba tourmalines, and white diamonds sitting alongside verdant emeralds, white and fancy diamonds. A symbol of rebirth and freedom, the dragonfly is also featured in mismatched earrings crafted in pink spinels, emeralds and white diamonds.

Labirinti Gucci jewels.
Labirinti Gucci jewels.

A necklace stands out with a 113.35-carat green tourmaline, one of the collection’s most important gemstones. The tourmaline can be detached and worn as a different jewel.

Gucci last year unveiled its high jewelry collection at Palazzo Settimanni, the brand’s historical archive in Florence. The natural changing colors of the four seasons informed the collection, which was called Allegoria.

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