Bride's surprise for new husband on their wedding day: 'Best moment'

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A bride has gone viral on TikTok after showing off her surprise hair transformation, which she decided to do in the middle of her wedding day.

Vora Quinn, from Tulsa in the United States, has received millions of views on her video, in which she explains how she decided to get her hair cut for the first time since 2007 after her wedding ceremony, to surprise her new husband.

TikTok bride vora shows off hair transformation to husband
Bride Vora decided to undergo a major hair transformation on her wedding day. Photo: TikTok

"Best day of my life," she captioned on video in which she showed how she went and visited a hair salon midway through her wedding day.

"About to surprise new husband with new hair," she adds in the clip, which has been viewed over 3M times.


Vora is then seen taking a pair of scissors to her long black locks, before chopping of half of her hair so that it falls to just her shoulders.

"I feel so light. Oh my Gosh, I'm so excited to show him," she says.

Her new husband Justice was understandably surprised when she revealed her new look to him, his jaw dropping in the video, before she says: "Oh my God! You look so good."

vora bride hair cut viral tiktok video
Vora took a pair of scissors to her own hair on her wedding day. Photo: TikTok

In a follow up clip, Vora added: "Cutting my hair on my wedding day after 14 years of keeping it long & surprising my new husband was the best moment of my entire life."

She also explained the couple had only had a small ceremony with close family before hand, and weren't having a wedding reception so she had time to make the change, before reappearing with a completely new look for some more photos.

Her videos were flooded with comments from people who loved the idea.

"This is so flipping cool," one person said, while another called her "an icon".

Speaking to 9Honey about the viral moment, Vora said: "I became really attached to my hair so the thought of cutting it was so scary… I had no idea how it would look or how it would make me feel!

"My husband and I are best friends so not telling him details about my wedding dress and keeping the haircut a secret was so hard for me, but it paid off and I have no regrets.

"Justice's reaction was everything."

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