Groom roasted for not cleaning his nails on wedding day

Kristine Tarbert
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

Given how much time and money many brides put into their appearance for their wedding day - we’re talking hair and makeup, manicures, pedicures, sometimes teeth whitening, and spray tans - one groom has been roasted for his complete lack effort for the big day.

Specifically, it’s the groom’s lack of hygiene that has been brought into question, after a closeup photo of the bride and groom’s hands resting on their wedding bouquet was shared online.

The image was originally posted to a ring-shaming Facebook group, as the bride’s rings clearly don’t quite fit together, before people started taking more note of the groom’s nails, and it was shared across to a nail-shaming group.

“Found on a ring shaming group but those nails need talking about,” the caption read.

The groom's dirty nails were all people noticed in this photo. Photo: Facebook

Of course, people were both shocked and disgusted at the groom’s completely filthy nails, especially when you compare them to the bride’s fresh bright red manicure.

It left many wondering what the rest of the groom’s appearance was like.

“$20 says he’s not wearing a suit or tux, and whatever he is wearing does not fit properly. I feel bad for his bride,” one person quipped.

“Like, did he even shower before the wedding???” another asked astounded.

“If this were one of our wedding photos I would annul the marriage,” was another matter-of-fact comment.

Some joked that perhaps the groom had ‘dug his own grave’ prior to walking down the aisle. The question remains why the photographer didn’t point anything out.

At least that’s one question of many, many more.

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