'Grey's Anatomy' Star Has 'Info' About Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce

Anthony Hill; Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce

Anthony Hill is spilling the tea that the Swifties want!

The Grey's Anatomy star recently bumped into Taylor Swift's football star boyfriend, Travis Kelce, and apparently, he asked the right questions.

Taking to Instagram after the run-in to share what he learned, Hill, 36, told his followers, "I may or may not have gotten confirmation that TSwift does, in fact, still watch Grey's Anatomy."

We know Swift has a long history of loving Grey's Anatomy after previously naming one of her cats after the title character, Meredith Grey (played by Ellen Pompeo.)

But as for Kelce, he doesn't seem to be as big of a fan of the long-running ABC drama.

Hill then added of Kelce, "It was then made very clear that he absolutely does not watch with her 😑😂," before telling the Chiefs tight end, "Time to start, bruh!"

In addition to the valuable information he learned, Hill also walked away from the encounter with a photo souvenir, sharing a selfie he snapped with Kelce while they were both smiling from ear to ear.

But it was the inside Tayvis info that Swifties were the most excited about, as one user in the comments celebrated, "taylor still watches greys omggg."

"no because this just made me scream," another gushed.

"Thank you for asking the question all Greys x Swifties needed the answer to," someone else wrote in the comments, while another praised Hill for "getting the important info" that fans want to know.

"Grey's fans and Swifties demand that Travis watch Grey's Anatomy with Taylor and tell us their theories for the next season 😂"

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