Grandmother, 59, reveals sex work allowed her to buy three houses

Taylor Tara
Taylor Tara, 59, has been doing sex work for the past 12 years. Photo: Supplied

For grandmother-of-seven Taylor Tara, it took until the age of 47 to discover her true professional calling.

But unlike the myriad of jobs she held in the past, sex work was the one that stuck – and resulted in an unexpectedly fulfilling and lucrative career.

“With every other job I’ve had you can just pay the bills. Now I can work as much or as little as I want,” she tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

“But there was no real motivation to start [doing sex work] when I did, I was just really sick of my boyfriend at the time and thought ‘if you want it, you can damn-well pay for it’.”

Finding her niche

That was 12 years ago, and Taylor Tara, now 59, has since crafted a career which sees her criss-cross Australia to service a diverse range of clientele.

“In terms of what type of people are my clientele, you could get on a train, go to a supermarket or catch a bus and look at every single person and each of them would be a type,” she says.

“It’s every age, every nationality, every work background – from millionaires right down to the young guy who works at Coles.

“The age range for me is from 18, to my eldest client who was 97, and I was allowed in the nursing home on three different occasions.”

And although she’s based in Far North Queensland to be near her three children and grandchildren, Taylor Tara mostly offers her services in other parts of the country.

“I work at three different bordellos in Sydney, Perth and Darwin and I do a lot of private work across regional WA and Queensland,” she says in reference to her clientele, which includes a large number of FIFO workers.

Sex work has allowed the grandmother-of-seven to buy three houses across Australia. Photo: Supplied
Sex work has allowed the grandmother-of-seven to buy three houses across Australia. Photo: Supplied

The Australian dream

But in addition to the jet set lifestyle sex work affords her, Taylor Tara says the biggest reward has been a financial one in the form of home ownership, several times over.

“I’ve never been one to splurge money and I’m not high maintenance, but I do have three homes,” she says.

“I was able to buy a couple of new cars and pay them off at different times but I found I was getting a lot of money and wasting it on things I didn’t need so I bought the house next door, which my daughter rents.”

“I also have a home in Western Australia which I use as a working premises and it’s my home away from home for when I’m there so that’s great too.”

But despite the obvious monetary benefits, Taylor Tara sees her decade-long career as rewarding in other ways too.

“A lot of my clients don’t have time for a relationship, they don’t want a relationship and they’re happy with just the connection,” she says.

“It’s a business and it has to be run as a business.”

Taylor Tara’s new book, Tara: Behind Closed Doors, by New Holland Publishers, is available from all good book retailers or online.

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