'I'll never go back': Model Gigi Hadid 'robbed' in Greece

Victoria's Secret model Gigi Hadid, 24, has taken to Instagram to vow she’s "never going back" to Greece after being “robbed” while on a recent holiday.

The blonde beauty has been sharing happy snaps from her gal’s getaway on the island of Mykonos with her sister Bella, 23, half-sisters Alana and Marielle and their friends.

But it seems like the bikini-filled vacay wasn't as perfect as it seemed on social media, with the Maybelline spokesperson taking to her second Instagram account, Gisposable, to reveal the dark side of her trip.

Gigi claims she was 'robbed' while on holiday in Greece. Photo: instagram/gisposable.

‘Got robbed’

Gigi - who is worth an estimated $20 million - shared a sizzling swimsuit selfie on Friday with the caption, "Mykonos film in. PS(A). Don't let insta fool u. Got robbed. Never going back lol. Wouldn't recommend. Spend your money elsewhere. (sic)"

The 63 thousand or so followers of Gisposable - where the model shares images she takes on disposable cameras - immediately flooded the comments with concern about her wellbeing following the suspected theft.

"The fact that you were so honest about it is just amazing. thank you for that! also: thank you for these pictures that make us feel on a trip with you! keep posting,” wrote one.

“Oh God so sorry for you Gigi,” said another.

Others slammed the catwalker for using her platform to give the Mediterranean country a bad name.

“Greece is not a country with criminality but there's times that this will happen, I can assure you all, that LA is much worse, so don't blame Greece,” argued one.

“This is slandering. Go elsewhere but don’t use your impact to deter others from going,” said another.

Gigi has yet to share any further details of the reported robbery, including when and where it took place and what was taken, but some fans suspect there wasn’t a theft at all.

Instead, they think she means ‘robbed’ in the figurative sense and was making a comment on the cost of the holiday.

“Maybe she meant in terms of the pricing. They rip you off so bad during high season,” one suggested.

Gigi hacked

If Gigi and her pals were burgled, it wouldn’t be the first time her privacy has been invaded. Back in May, Gigi’s Twitter account was hacked.

"Hope it goes without saying ... my Twitter was hacked,” she posted on Instagram at the time.

The hacker had seized control of Gigi's Twitter account and launched a racist tirade with several tweets which praised Adolf Hitler, and claimed she "wishes Germany won WW2 (sic)".

The culprit then also tweeted claiming Gigi was a supporter of controversial US President Donald Trump, although the model has been outspoken about her opposition to Trump's immigration polices.

Thankfully, Gigi managed to secure control of her Twitter account once again, and later thanked her fans for "rallying" around her.

She wrote on her account: "Secured my Twitter, folks. Thanks for rallying for me. Joke's on the hacker ... I don't use Twitter DM's."

Additional reporting by Bang Showbiz.

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