Gerry Turner reveals how Kendall Jenner found “Golden Bachelor” spoiler on his phone

New trailer for "The Kardashians" explains how Jenner knew Theresa Nist had received Turner's final rose.

Apparently, Kendall Jenner knew who the star of The Golden Bachelor would pick long before audiences did.

In a teaser for Thursday's episode of Hulu's The Kardashians, Jenner explains that her mom, Kris Jenner, "pulled some strings" and had the star of ABC's dating show, Gerry Turner, over for dinner. The visit happened just after the end of filming, and it led to the younger Jenner, who's a fan of Turner, to discover a spoiler.

"I've seen some things that I shouldn't have seen," she says in the confessional, and audiences see her asking if others had seen what was on Turner's phone.

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<p>Kevin Mazur/Getty; Taylor Hill/WireImage</p> Kendall Jenner and Gerry Turner met before "The Golden Bachelor" finished airing

Kevin Mazur/Getty; Taylor Hill/WireImage

Kendall Jenner and Gerry Turner met before "The Golden Bachelor" finished airing

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What she saw, Turner told TMZ, is a contact for Theresa Nist, the woman he selected on the Nov. 30 finale. The two wed on live TV on Jan. 4, but they announced in April that they were divorcing.

"Theresa and I have had a number of heart-to-heart conversations," he said on Good Morning America, "and we've looked closely at our situation, our living situation, so forth, and we've kind of come to the conclusion mutually that it's probably time for us to dissolve our marriage." He added that he still loves Nist.

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Jenner has dealt with the, um, realities of being on a TV show for years. She costarred on Keeping Up with the Kardashians before she was even a teenager. When her family's E! show — and its many spinoffs — ended by 2017, they brought their adventures to Hulu, where they're in the middle of a fifth season of following Kendall and her mom, as well as Jenner's sisters Kylie Jenner and Kourtney, Khloé, and Kim Kardashian.

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