Genius beauty hack to halve your blow dry time

It’s the age-old beauty dilemma: get out of bed and wash your hair for silky tresses all day, or stay in bed for a few minutes more sleep and suffer the consequences of embarrassingly greasy locks.

Now there’s a way that you might have both, with beauty experts revealing there’s a simple hack that seriously shortens your blow dry time.

Hate blowdrying your hair? We've got the hack for you. Photo: Getty
Hate blowdrying your hair? We've got the hack for you. Photo: Getty

For those blessed (or cursed) with thick or long hair, you know it can take a huge chunk of your grooming time which isn’t ideal when you’re running late for work or frantically getting ready for a date.

But the friendly folk at Her have revealed there’s one thing you’ll find in your kitchen that will speed up your blowout: paper towel

All you need to do is blot your hair with paper towel before you blow dry, with the theory being paper absorbs more water than your normal towel so your sodden hair doesn't hold you back.

Source: Giphy
Source: Giphy

Make sure you towel dry first, before giving your locks an extra blot with paper – and you should see your blow dry go by in a flash.

Added bonus: blotting with paper towel helps minimise damage your hair as well.

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