Gemini Daily Horoscope – 23 October 2021

·1-min read

Here comes the Sun…

As the sun moves into your sixth house, it’s all about structure. Think about your routines and ways that you can improve or change them up so that they work for your benefit. Are there responsibilities you have been lax about? Now is the time to tighten the reigns and get things in order. The sun is on your side to do so! Get out your planner and assess how your routines can work better on your behalf. This period also includes a good look at your health. How well are you looking after yourself? How could you nurture yourself better? Also, think about the ways in which you can nurture others better. How can you put some of your needs aside and serve others? Balance is in order right now, taking care of others and honoring yourself at the same time. PS Find me on Facebook and Instagram.

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