Forever 21 faces backlash over 'Fake News' biker shorts

Forever 21 faces backlash for Fake News graphic biker shorts.
Forever 21 faces backlash for Fake News graphic biker shorts. Photo: Forever 21

Just days after Forever 21 issued an apology for including low-carb Atkins bars in packages of online clothing orders, the store is facing backlash over a politically-charged piece of clothing featured on its website.

Biker shorts emblazoned with the phrase “Fake News” caught the attention of people on Twitter after a journalist named Katherine Fominykh posted a screenshot of the store’s online offering to her own account.

There, she shared a sarcastic sentiment about the controversial phrase made famous by President Donald Trump.

“Turns out, all you need to express your hatred for journalists in clothing form is $9.90, to be given to @Forever21!” Fominykh shared with her followers. “Wow, so affordable!”

Immediately, people started to respond online to the sportswriter, saying that she is the person responsible for bringing the item of clothing to people’s attention.

Many also said that the shorts didn’t have a negative connotation until Fominykh equated them to “hatred for journalists”.

Other reporters responded to the shorts, including Baltimore Sun reporter Pamela Wood who said that she didn’t find them “funny, cute or fashionable”.

Still, people disagreed with both women and insisted that their stance was in opposition to free speech.

Others made the joke that Forever 21 should offer a pair with the phrase “Learn to code,” referring to a meme that went viral in January 2019 when a number of media companies were laying off journalists.

Forever 21 didn’t immediately respond to Yahoo Lifestyle’s request for comment, nor has the company publicly commented on the backlash. However, the item has seemingly been removed from its website.

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