Flavor Flav Sends a Direct Message to Fans About Filming Him Out in Public

Flavor Flav

While Flavor Flav is known for his bright personality and musical talents, the rapper recently shared a serious request for his fans, seemingly in response to a fan encounter gone wrong.

The 65-year-old took to social media on Sunday, March 17, to directly ask fans: "Please don’t film me eating,,,It makes me feel uncomfortable."

He continued, appearing to reference a specific incident as he said, "And I know you be reading this cuz you said you read on X where I was only taking photos on the first and last day but you said, 'I don’t care I’m getting my picture anyways' and disturbed my family and I."

The rapper's message comes only a few days after he notified fans ahead of time about the private vacation, saying, "ya boy isn’t anyone without fans,,, I always got TIME for y’all," before he told them the days he would take photos and thanked them for understanding.

Many fans apologized to Flavor Flav for other fans' actions and supported his request, including one who replied, "I’m sorry people like this. You are so giving to the fans and sometimes people think they can do what they want."

Others called the fan's actions "out of line" and "upsetting," noting they should always "respect boundaries."

"SHOW KING SWIFTIE THE SAME RESPECT WE SHOW MOTHER!" said another fan, referencing Flavor Flav's Swiftie status.

While he is a celebrity in his own right, Flavor Flav also understands what it is like to be a devoted fan. He openly talks about his love for Taylor Swift, her music and Swifties, sharing his experience watching Eras Tour live and meeting Swift at the Grammys.

He even attended a red carpet event late last year decked out in Swift gear to support the singer, rocking a bright blue 1989 cardigan she sent him and a matching blue signature clock around his neck.

Hopefully, his own fans can take some notes about respect and boundaries from Flavor Flav's actions as a Swiftie.

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