Firehouse Is Giving Away Free Subs—And the Reason Makes Us Laugh

We have the details on how to claim a free sandwich.

<p>Firehouse Subs/Getty/Allrecipes</p>

Firehouse Subs/Getty/Allrecipes

There’s nothing like a good sub (aka hoagie, aka grinder) when you need a sandwich that will really fill you up. Hot or cold, usually with a side of chips, the sandwich style is a favorite for lunch, dinner, or late-night munching—no matter what you call it.

Of course, everyone has their opinion about what makes the best sub, but one thing everyone can agree on is that the sandwich is even better when it’s free. Firehouse Subs is giving away free subs right now in a fun, unusual way that always makes us laugh a bit when the brand runs this specific promotion. If your name is one of the “Names of the Day,” the restaurant announces, you get a free submarine sandwich.

How To Get a Free Firehouse Sub

From now until June 28, Firehouse Sub will release the “Names of the Day” on its FacebookTwitter, and Instagram handles daily. Here is a sneak peak according to Firehouse Subs:

  • June 18: Daniel, Derrick, Caitlin, Cameron (Note: social lists Derick, Drew, Jason, or Jay)

  • June 20: First names that have 8+ letters

  • June 23: Colin, Carmen, Natalie, Sydney, Penelope

Do you have to spell your name exactly the same to claim your freebie? Firehouse doesn’t make that crystal clear. On its Instagram post, the social media team replied to one person asking the question that “other spellings count,” while replying to someone else that “it’s up to restaurants’ discretion, but we have asked them to accept that spelling, too!”

If you have one of the “Names of the Day,” you can claim a free Medium Sub with any purchase in-store, in-app, or online— on that day only. Photo I.D. is required.

The first batch of names are all basketball player related, and we have it on good authority that some of the other names during this promotion will be related to TV shows such as “Bridgerton” or “The Bear.”

If your name doesn’t appear during this round of giveaways, don’t despair. Firehouse Subs has traditionally run this promotion a few times during the year. The most recent time was during last year’s holidays when one of the days was cleverly dedicated to “names that rhyme with Merry.”

Firehouse Subs will be releasing all names throughout the 12 days at 7:30 a.m. so make sure to check the socials for any changes or updates.

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