Fiona Falkiner pregnant with first child following IVF journey

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Former The Biggest Loser host Fiona Falkiner has shared the exciting news that she and her partner Hayley Willis are expecting their first child together.

Both women took to social media to share the happy announcement, posting a sweet image of Hayley with her hand on Fiona’s baby bump.

fiona falkiner pregnant
The happy couple shared this sweet photo online. Photo: Instagram/fionafalkiner

“It’s official our little family will be gaining a member, baby Falkiner will be joining us in 2021,” Fiona said in the caption.

“We are so excited about this new chapter of being mums together and giving this little bundle all the love in the world! Thank you to everyone who sent us prayers and baby dust, it worked!”

While Hayley wrote: “We did it my love. It’s hard to put into words how incredibly proud I am of you. All of our family dreams are finally coming true.

“Feeling incredibly blessed and absolutely over the moon to begin this new chapter of our lives. I can’t wait to be a Mumma with you!”

The couple have been open about their desire to both become pregnant through IVF - with Fiona going first as she is 37.

hayley willis Fiona falkiner
Hayley and Fiona have been sharing their IVF journey in a podcast. Photo: Instagram/hayley__willis

Fiona recently opened up about 'traumatic' reality of IVF treatment. Speaking to Confidential, Fiona described the process as “lonely”, saying, “Obviously you have your partner but it can actually feel like a really lonely process.”

“It is you and your body against all odds. Women don’t really talk about it until after the fact. It can be really quite traumatic.”

Fiona and Hayley were originally planning on getting married later this year, but with the coronavirus pandemic, they decided to push it back, giving them time to try for a baby.

The couple had also decided to start a podcast - What the IVF? - to ensure anyone going through a similar experience feels less alone.

“The podcast is a raw conversation of our fertility journey — it's the ups and downs, the tears and laughter, but most of all it's the start of hopefully making you feel more comfortable if and/or when you go on this journey,” Fiona said.

“We're by no means experts in fertility, we're just a loved up couple tackling this challenge together, and chatting to many others along the way.”

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