The Final Fantasy 14 And Final Fantasy 16 Event Is Here


The Final Fantasy 14 and Final Fantasy 16 event is live in the MMO game, with plenty of Clive-themed and Clive-adjacent rewards on offer – assuming you’re far enough along in FF14 to start and have the coin for it. The event, called The Path Infernal, runs through May 8, 2024, and completing it earns you Clive Rosfield’s outfit from Final Fantasy 16 and two Torgal items.

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It also adds a selection of FF16 items to the Manderville Gold Saucer, with the catch being that you have to spend hundreds of thousands of Gold Saucer points to get them.

The Path Infernal begins in Ul’dah, one of Final Fantasy 14’s starting areas, but you have to reach level 50 and complete The Ultimate Weapon quest before you can start. The Ultimate Weapon is A Realm Reborn’s final quest, before FF14 segues into 2.0 and a series of narrative bridges that lead into Heavensward. That’ll take roughly 70 hours or more if you’re just getting started, depending on how you play and what quests you take on.

If you’re playing on Dynamis or a server with an XP bonus, you can probably shave several hours off that time. Tackling dungeons solo with the duty support system should also cut some time down, since you won’t have to wait while matching with other players.

The Infernal Path is FF14’s usual event fare. You’ll travel to Eorzea, speak with different NPCs, and get a close-up with Final Fantasy 16’s version of Ifrit. He won’t replace Eorzea’s Ifrit, but you’ll get Clive’s snazzy black-and-red outfit as a glam for your trouble.

Completing the quest also gets you a Torgal minion, based on the loyal hound’s puppy years, and a full-grown Torgal mount that you can pet. 10 orchestrion rolls featuring some of FF16’s most popular tracks, including Away and To Sail Forbidden Seas, are also up for grabs at the Gold Saucer, and to top it all off, you get a Clive card for your Triple Triad deck – if you have 200,000 points at the Manderville Gold Saucer to spend.

Best get busy grinding those mini-games.

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