Fifi Box reveals work from home fail in hysterical photo

Radio star Fifi Box is never one to shy away from sharing her personal life with fans, and her warts and all approach has made sure she’s won plenty over the years.

Now the mum of two has the working from home parents on board, after sharing a hysterical snap of the struggles of broadcasting from her home office with a baby in tow.

Fifi Box working from home Fox FM Fifi, Fev, Byron
Fifi was left flabbergasted when her attempt to work from home with a baby in tow went hysterically haywire. Photo: Instagram

Fifi took to Instagram with a photo of her youngest bub Daisy getting up close and very personal with her recording equipment as she records her drive radio show Fifi, Fev & Byron from home.

It seems the mum of two has been getting some help from a brand new production assistant who can’t stop won’t stop, as baby Daisy reached for the laptop, got tangled in a large radio microphone, and even managing to get some extra work done on a nearby iPad she was resting her feet on.

Fifi Box baby girl working from home fail desk
Baby Daisy seemed determined to give her mum a not so helping hand with work. Photo: Instagram

“Trying to work from home this morning had its challenges,” the media personality wrote alongside the photos of the busy baby, adding: “But she’s worth it.”


It seems the 43-year-old isn’t the only professional doing war with an overenthusiastic new assistant.

Fifi Box baby Daisy working from home fail
Fifi's new and enthusiastic assistant won a legion of fans online. Photo: Instagram

Plenty of parents flooded the post with their own relatable experiences, commiserating and congratulating in equal measure.

“They always go for the keyboard!” one bemoaned.

“Similar to my days,” another agreed.

“Gosh they are cute but so distracting,” another agreed.

Others were impressed with the newest addition to the Fox FM radio team.

“Cutest co-worker ever,” one woman wrote.

“Looks like she’s across everything!!!” one impressed fan wrote.

It’s not the first time a celebrity has kept it very real when it comes to parenting and working.

Everyone from supermodel Robin Lawley to The Project’s Carrie Bickmore and even Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern have kept their fans feeling normal with their slew of hilarious parenting ‘fails’.

Some of the best and brightest so far include an accidentally rude baking mishap, a wayward baby derailing a sexy photoshoot, and a spot of nappy cream throwing off a very sensible blazer look in parliament.

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