Fears for Queen's health continue as she misses favourite event

Fears for the Queen’s health continue to swirl after she pulled out of a rumoured appearance at the Royal Windsor Horse Show with little notice.

The event is believed to be one of the monarch’s favourites, and her missed appearance could be due to her declining health and mobility issues.

The Queen with her fell ponies, Bybeck Katie and Bybeck Nightingale. She is wearing a green outfit.
The Queen with her fell ponies, Bybeck Katie and Bybeck Nightingale. Photo: Instagram/theroyalfamily

According to The Telegraph, the Queen decided to spend time with her horses away from the public eye on Thursday, supposedly pulling out from attending at the last minute.

The Queen’s horse, First Receiver, was competing in a series qualifier and she was expected to watch at the showground.

The publication reported that the monarch’s police protection officers were in place, with an area cleared and the media waiting for her arrival.

In a confusing turn of events, Windsor Castle sent word that the Queen would not be attending after all. Instead, she went to the Royal Mews in Windsor to spend time with her horses in private.

It is hoped that her health will improve enough to allow the monarch to attend the grand finale on Sunday, which will be a Platinum Jubilee celebration.


Prince Charles sitting in a consort chair next to his mother's crown, at the opening of Parliament.
Prince Charles sat in a consort chair instead of his mother's throne. Photo: Getty

This comes after Prince Charles attended the State Opening of Parliament, taking over his mother’s royal duties after Buckingham Palace announced she was too unwell to attend.

The palace released a statement on Tuesday stating that Queen Elizabeth II was suffering from ongoing mobility problems and that her son would fill in on her behalf.

For the first time in history, Charles delivered the Queen’s Speech with some royal commentators remarking that it’s a glimpse into what he will look like as the King.

In an emotional moment, Charles avoided sitting on his mother’s throne, choosing to sit beside her crown instead.

He was supported by wife Camilla and his son, Prince William, who made his first ever appearance at the ceremony.

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