Fans Stunned by Kanye West’s Wife Bianca Censori’s ‘Normal' Voice in Unearthed Video

Bianca Censori

While Kanye West's wife Bianca Censori is often in the media for her interesting outfits, many fans were shocked to discover how she talked after a 2022 video was shared online.

Reddit user u/cujoh10 shared a clip from the CFS Summit in Paris in 2022 when Censori presented as an architectural designer for Yeezy. In the clip, Censori introduced herself by saying, "I'm an architectural designer from Melbourne, Australia. I currently reside in Los Angeles, and I'm a lead architectural designer at Yeezy."

She went on to mention some designers she worked for at the company and stated that her "passion for architecture lies in fabrication, conceptualizing the future of built space, and exploring the bridge between the physical and the meta." In the clip, Censori had long brown hair, parted in the middle, and simple makeup.

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Some were stunned to realize that it was their first time hearing Censori's voice, with comments like, "It’s wild that this is the first time hearing her voice," and "She actually has a voice..."

Others were surprised by the Australian accent, such as one who said, "I am shocked she’s Australian," and another explained that they had "assumed she was american."

"Oh, she sounds normal. the LA valley girl uptalk has gotten to her a bit, but aside from that she sounds normal," a different fan noted, as a conversation broke out about the sort of "vibe" Censori has and whether or not it fits with her Australian accent.

The 29-year-old reportedly joined Yeezy in 2020 soon after getting her master's degree. It wasn't until after West and ex-wife Kim Kardashian finalized their divorce in late 2022 that Censori and West got together, getting married in December of that year.

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