Fans Are Poking Fun at Luke Bryan After He Fiercely Spoke Out About an Injury

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Fans Are Poking Fun at Luke Bryan After He Fiercely Spoke Out About an Injury

Luke Bryan is trying to set the record straight, but American Idol fans aren’t buying the judge’s story.

On August 4, the country singer’s wife, Caroline “Lina” Boyer Bryan, posted about their family trip to Cedar Point amusement park in Ohio. The married couple of 15 years celebrated their son Tate’s 11th birthday alongside eldest son Bo and nephew Til. But according to Lina, the group may have had too much fun and left the park with injuries.

“Another adventure in the books! Luke broke a finger and I twisted another ankle…pretty much a normal day for us! 🎢,” she captioned Instagram photos of the day.

But the American Idol judge is now denying that he was injured.

Shortly after Lina’s post, Luke took to his own Instagram to ask folks to stop spreading the news. “I did not break my finger, and I did not break my finger at a roller coaster park!" he said in an Instagram video posted on August 6. "My finger's not broken. Please stop reporting that it is broken!"

Despite the “Country Girl” singer’s attempt to clear the air about suffering an injury, American Idol fans didn’t let him off the hook that easily. After seeing Luke’s plea, many couldn’t help but poke a little fun at Luke in his comments section.

“Are you 100% sure 👀 😂,” one person wrote. “Prayers for healing,” another quipped. “Let’s see [your] hands 😂,” a different fan said. What’s more, fellow American Idol judge Katy Perry joined in. “Show us or we don’t believe you,” she commented.

Though many fans pointed out that it was Lina who started the rumor, this didn’t seem to stop her from adding her two cents. “🤦♀️….you got in Bo’s way. Admit it,” she wrote.

By the looks of it, Luke is perfectly OK. In fact, the country star is set to continue his jam-packed Raised Up Right tour, with stops in New York, Alabama, Tennessee and more.

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